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18 Human Qualities Needed in Order to Advance the Global Awakening

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts,”
~ Shakespeare

Reality is anything but fixed, it is created over and over again, redefined from moment to moment as a product of the behavior and choices of all beings. For some, we are more powerful than we know yet, and each of us is indeed an actor on the same stage, each of us having the capacity to have an impact and to contribute to history.

Our connection through the media amplifies the extreme qualities of the human experience, offering a rather distorted view of reality, making our situation difficult to see clearly through the fog of sensationalism, distraction, and propaganda.

Although truth and justice are severely repressed in our world, evolutionary change rises just below the surface of the mainstream, already effectively challenging the power structures and control paradigms that lead us all to extinction.

The most important players in the world right now are not in the spotlight, they are not celebrities, nor are they freaks, oddities, or creatures of authority.

These are the activated human beings out there, giving extraordinary examples of living a courageous life, helping to broaden our awareness of what is possible, contributing to an appropriate vision for the future.

They are the ones who adjust the flaps on the rudders of humanity so that the future is bright for a significant change in the sea. In opposition to the forces of fear, scarcity, and decay, we have the opportunity to demonstrate the powers of love, abundance, and creativity.

For this to happen, we are challenged to produce, amplify, and elevate the human qualities that are most needed today to advance global awakening and bring it to its full strength.

Watching the world from our little outpost, we see the potential for people with the following exceptional qualities to play extraordinary roles in this awakening, however, this perspective is ours alone, and the list could just as well be endless:




1. People who furiously pursue self-control but are able to avoid ego traps and new age salvation fantasies.


2. People who meditate, but do not worship.


3. People who practice de-escalation, who understand the great art of withdrawal and who are willing to compromise to win.


4. People who realize that to be free, you have to give freedom to others.


5. People capable of looking into the abyss of darkness without falling and without losing sight of the light.


6. People who have opinions but revise them as often as necessary to avoid being fooled by them.


7. People who are more afraid of conformity than being alone.


8. People who value experience rather than suggestion.


9. People who love themselves first and protect themselves first.


10. People who respect the universal principle that nature is there for our use, but not for our abuse.


11. Self-healers and self-teachers who survive by practicing independence.


12. People who understand the importance and impact of history, but who are ready to abandon it or escape it.


13. People who angrily appreciate and exercise the power to say “no”.


14. People who recognize that material truth is multi-layered and rarely revealed in its entirety at once.


15. People who know that spiritual truth is revealed in cosmic flashes of complete clarity, but who happily return to their work here on earth when the journey is over.


16. People who maintain harmony and balance by practicing gratitude, acceptance, appreciation, and, above all, service.


17. Experienced and competent people who transmute their own anger into love.


18. People who can laugh at everything.




We have a great opportunity at our fingertips. Rather than accidentally submitting ourselves to the collapse of Orwellian reality being scripted for us by the engineers of a society and culture in collapse, we have the choice to actively participate in rewriting our future for our own benefit.

This humble list reminds us that it is time to determine where you are in the fight, to get there, and to stand firm.


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