How To Make Your Own Tarot Cards

Chapter 9: How To Make Your Own Tarot Cards?

Tarot consists of seventy-eight cards that are used in the industry of fortune-telling. If you are fascinated with Tarot card reading and want to learn more about it, you can make your own Tarot cards.

This can help you have a deeper connection with your own cards. This may also help you to have a clearer meaning because you can have the power to interpret the illustration much simpler and easier.

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Making Your Own Tarot Cards

1. With the use of playing cards, trace their shape on a poster board. Since there are different sizes of Tarot cards, you may use a regular deck, but make sure that it would let you shuffle them easily.

2. After tracing the cards, cut them and keep their cut even. See to it that you have 78 cards. If you like something that would make your cards attractive, you may print some images on your computer and paste them at the back of 78 cards.

3. If you already know the meaning of each Tarot card, proceed to the next step. Draw the images that would represent every card. Each person has their own unique idea about the images they want to represent. You can think of anything. Just make sure that it would still illustrate the meaning of the card.

4. After drawing the images, it is up to you if you will laminate your cards or not. If you want to keep them for a long period of time, laminating is not a bad choice. This may also help you shuffle the cards easily.

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Tips and Warnings When Making Your Own Tarot Cards.

When it comes to the suits of Tarot, cups can be chalices, wands can be sticks or staves, pentacles can be disks or coins, and swords can be rods or arrows. If you like your cards to appear much lovelier and real, use your creativity.

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