What Are the Meanings of the Pages in Tarot

Chapter 3: What Are the Meanings of the Pages in Tarot?

Believers use Tarot cards to predict the future as well as to gain insight into the current events. Standard Tarot card decks contain a total of 78 cards with 56 Minor Arcana cards and 22 Major Arcana cards.

The Major Arcana cards contain The Hanged Man, The Lovers, and so on while the Minor Arcana cards are categorized into four suits including swords, cups, pentacles, and wands. Every suit is composed of 14 cards, and these cards are numbered from one to 10 consisting of four face cards. The so-called pages in Tarot are among those face cards.


The Meanings

Meaning of Wands’ Page.

The meaning of page of wands card shows a young boy who looks up at a big, blooming wooden stuff he holds. He stands in a desert and his clothing has a salamanders’ print. The illustration shows three things: optimism, not losing oneself, and growth or change.

The salamanders and desert also suggest the fire element which is attached to the wands’ suit. The card also means opportunities for change, optimism renewal, and remembering oneself or hope.


Pentacles’ Page.

The picture on pentacles’ page features a man who walks between the blooming flowers, trees, and plowed land yet stares only on a big golden disk he holds. The page shows curiosity as the boy examines the coin, while the illustration in which he walks between land that is already bloomed and ready for planting represents doors of opportunities to learn more.

Learning may be practical or even spiritual.

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Cups’ Page.

The cups’ page highlights a young man who is dressed with prints of floral, has a scarf, wears boots to protect him from the water behind and holds a cup with a fish on it. The meaning of the page hints about bohemian nature, artistic pursuits, and creativity.

However, the fish on the picture represents the inner self or spirit in mythology. The young man’s surprise on the presence of the fish symbolizes accepting the upcoming future surprises.


The Page of Swords.

The swords’ page shows a picture of a man that stands on the rocky ground with a sword pointing towards the clouds above him. The illustration also includes water and trees in its background as well as a strong wind that blows through.

The young man’s expression is ready and attentive. He is also prepared for any battle. The card represents air or a turbulent process to learn or replace new ideas by seeking out answers.

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