How to Develop Psychic Abilities Using the Tarot Cards

Chapter 7: How to Develop Psychic Abilities Using the Tarot Cards?

People who want to develop their skills as a psychic can gain a lot from valuable insights using Tarot card reading. It does not matter if you are a beginner or curious about being a psychic or a tarot card reader; what matters is your determination and focus on what you want to do. If you want to develop or improve your psychic abilities, you may use Tarot cards.

They can guide you and may offer you help when you want to know your possible psychic abilities. To start the course, you have to know first that there are minor arcane cards which are numbered from 1 to 10. They can assist you in knowing your abilities and on how you can make the most of your gifts. They can also provide you with timely warnings.

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Tapping into Your Psychic Abilities with the help of Tarots:

Positive Cards.

In psychic Tarot reading, aces are considered as good omens. This is because they show innate talent, resources, and energy that are available. Thus, one can develop their psychic abilities easily. For instance, the cups’ ace represents powerful healing and love forces. If you like to be a psychic healer in the future, you must count it as a blessing.

The wands’ ace in a Tarot reading shows the so-called divine spark which may set the world alight. Drawing these cards can give you green light to be inspired. The swords’ ace is the best card in a reading because it represents your powerful and natural abilities. However, you need to use it with caution and wisely. The number nine of cups is said to be the wish card which means that your gifts will bring you contentment and happiness in the future.



Fives is a symbol of uncertainty and conflict. The wands’ five shows the outer and inner conflict. In several cases, it also represents outside interference. The card simply means that you have to be more optimistic regarding your abilities and just ignore the opinions of other people about your abilities. The pentacles’ five shows the financial loss that could mean you should be always prepared for some conflicts and hardships if you chose to give up your job just to be a psychic.

If you have pulled the swords’ five, you need to examine or observe your motives before you become a psychic because this card may point to materialistic or selfish motives. It might also mean that you’re more concerned about earning or making money using your gift rather than using it to help everyone who needs your abilities.

The wands’ number ten card signifies heavy workloads and burdens. If you have drawn this card, it means that you can clear the decks for you to free up your time in developing psychically.


Psychic Development.

The number three card of pentacles in a Tarot reading suggests that you can have the ability to earn a living from your gift while the number three card of cups shows that being a psychic can bring you joy not just to yourself, but also to others. The swords’ number four card revolves around taking a break to dream.

It tells everyone to trust their intuition, practice meditation, and positive visualization. The number ten card of cups promises long lasting happiness as well as contentment. It also indicates that you should count your blessings and get rid of the negative thoughts you have about yourself. This can help you become successful by improving your psychic abilities.

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Uncertainty and fear may block your natural talent. The number eight card of swords suggests a low level of confidence, while the swords’ number nine card shows unnecessary anxiety.

The pentacles’ four symbolizes blockages and the swords’ ten warns against negative thoughts. Getting one of these cards could mean that you are afraid of developing your psychic abilities because you think that others will just criticize you or your friends or family will not agree on what you are trying to pursue.

These cards may be blockages as what they mean, but they are intended to eliminate your fears and help you become a psychic.

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