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The 4 Kinds of Incarnated Lightworkers

Some of you may be wondering who are the lightworkers? Well, that term may be new to you, but it’s something that “Doreen Virtue” thinks is very important for understanding the spiritual realm. So let’s see what they are.

Lightworkers are people who feel a sense of duty to the world to spread love, education, healing, and greater awareness.

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They play a very important role in the spiritual advancement of the world. Dr. Doreen Virtue classifies them in 4 kingdoms of different terrestrial angels:



1. Incarnated angels:

These people have distinct features such as heart-shaped faces or light hair. They are generally calm, follow rules and are patient.

They usually carry artifacts like angel locket, books, etc. Due to their polite nature, they seek work in fields like teaching, counseling, nursing, etc.




2. Incarnated elements:

The embodied elements can vary considerably in terms of appearance. They could have wavy hair, a short nose, or anything that is part of nature.

Their personalities are generally very energetic, they like to play, laugh and have fun. They have a clear affinity for nature and animals. They usually take jobs as a comedian, actor or musician.




3. Starpeople:

They were born on this planet with the mission to spread kindness. The peculiarity of their physique is their almond or inverted U-shaped eyes.

Males are generally tall and thin. They are intrigued by UFOs and technology. They often work as an energy healer.

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4. The wise ones:

These people have a serious demeanor and are very intuitive. These include people who, during their previous births, were witches, wizards, shamans.

They like to discover dragons, sorcerers, mythical eras, etc.

So these are the 4 categories of Lightworkers. So the next time you meet one, try to understand the world from their perspective.

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