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9 Ways to Tell if You’re Becoming a Wise and Mature Soul

As everyone who reaches or has already reached middle age knows, age and maturity are not the same thing. There are many people in the world who just do not know how to grow and mature, even if the years add up.

This can sometimes be an attractive prospect. Getting old is scary and acting like a fool is one way of repelling it.

However, we all have to settle down and figure out what we want from life at some point. Otherwise, existence may seem a bit uprooted and unattached.

So if you’re getting older and want confirmation that you’ve “grown-up” successfully, keep an eye out for those little signs that can tell you who you are:



1. You feel purposeless:

It is often the first step in your growth, whether you are twenty-five or fifty-five. We all sometimes feel cast adrift; like we don’t know where we are supposed to be.

It is a natural feeling that comes with the realization that you are part of a very big world. The trick is not to fight it but to embrace the maturity of your soul and to seek out the things that make you happy.



2. You become more patient:

One of the clearest signs of soul maturity is increased patience and tolerance. You have just learned that everything does not have to be done at a tearing speed.

There is great joy in the journey, not just in the destination. Individuals with a mature soul take their time to get to know new people. They do not focus on minor irritations and they appreciate their downtime.



3. Your sensitivity increases:

You probably become more sensitive. It happens because you open yourself up to more people and let go of all those old barriers. You are less afraid of rejection, so you do not build defenses.

The consequence is probably a little more investment in things; emotions, relationships, possessions, adventures. You will cry more easily, but it will not always be because you are not satisfied.

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4. You forgive easier:

People with a mature soul are always open to forgiveness. They understand that grudges hurt them more than their target.

They are a form of self-flagellation in a way and they encourage you to keep painful feelings. Learning to let go is precious because you aren’t really letting go of anything useful. You gain in lightness and inner calm by giving up grudges.



5. You do not need approval:

9 Ways to Tell that You're Becoming a Wise and Mature Soul (2)One of the signs of soul maturity is a reduced dependence on external approval. In other words, you are not constantly looking for compliments to validate your existence. You know you are precious because of the things you do and the relationships you have.

Your value is more than what others can give you because it starts with your own approval. People with strong, healthy self-awareness find it easier to make decisions, take risks, and seize opportunities.



6. You’re willing to be vulnerable:

Accepting the fact that we do not have full control over our own lives is a hard lesson. However, it becomes easier with age, because there is satisfaction in knowing that nothing is certain.

You may not be able to influence every aspect of your existence, but that means that incredible and exciting things could happen to you that you never even imagined.

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7. You have special relationships:

Maturity of the soul means knowing when to abandon toxic relationships, whether they are lovers, friends, or family members. Life does not depend on the number of friends you can have.

It is much more valuable to have a small number of reliable acquaintances who are as devoted to you as you are to them. Surround yourself with light, happy and inspiring people. Do not spend time with someone who uses your weaknesses for their own profit or does not encourage you to be the best you can be.



8. You are eager to learn:

The most mature souls cannot obtain enough knowledge. They want to consume as much learning as possible and drink the world as eagerly as they can. It makes them creative, imaginative, and fun. This helps them focus on life and increases their empathy and understanding for others.

You will never see a mature soul denying the opportunity to gain knowledge through books, documentaries, languages, travel, or new hobbies.



9. You want to leave a mark:

The most important indication of a truly mature soul is the desire to leave something behind. You know life is fleeting and yours is just a tiny seed in a large pot of plants, so you’re ready to look beyond.

Whether it’s volunteering, designing a new product, becoming a mentor, or just creating something that will last; you can leave your mark. The concern to do so shows that you are a wise and developed old soul.

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