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The 7 Stages of Spiritual Ascension

The ascension process is what you go through as you move from focusing solely on the physical as a physical being limited in 3D to full awareness of your spiritual nature, your power, and your light.

As you progress through the ascension levels, you reconnect with your open heart, gain a greater sense of purpose and enlightenment, and merge with your higher self. This return to complete unity and the connection with the light of divine source is truly magnificent.

Here are the 7 phases to spiritual ascension:



1. Self-examination:

The first step in the ascent is self-examination. This is where you start to question the outside world around you. You ask questions like “Who am I really?” Is there more going on here than it looks?

Is there more to physical reality than society, the media and maybe even my family are telling me? Why am I really here? There must be something more. ”




2. Spiritual study:

After reflection comes study. You start asking questions and looking for the answers that lead you to the second step, which is spiritual study. Dive into spiritual books, search the internet, sign up for classes, or take guided meditations, channelings or programs.

You use what you learn to answer the questions, “Who am I really?” Why am I really here? What’s really going on? ”




3. Putting yourself at the service of others:

You begin to better understand who you really are and how you can give back to the world. You begin to acquire a mastery of certain spiritual concepts and ideas. You then share them with others. This is where the learning and teaching cycle takes place.

As you step into service on your path, you continue to learn, grow, meditate, look inward and do what you can to reconnect with your light. You realize that serving others is a very big part of why you are really here.

This service comes from the heart. It is not an attempt to get anything from others. It’s just because you wake up, you’re on fire, and your heart is opening. You want to serve, help and guide others as you progress on your path.

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4. Illumination of the heart:

Through your service to others and your continued elimination of the limitations of past beliefs, emotions, and negative patterns, your heart truly opens. It becomes enlightened and filled with divine light. You literally wake up through your heart center.

When your heart is open, this light is able to rise, opening your throat as well as your ability to listen to divine advice and to hear in the realms of the mind. It continues to rise in your third eye, opening your psychic vision or your intuition.

It continues to your crown so that you can experience your direct connection to the source and begin to live your life with the intention of the heart to continue to be of service, to shine your full light, to awaken fully and embody all that you are.

You are now living life in a state of love. You spread forgiveness, you give yourself gratitude and choose love every moment. It means turning away from fear, emotions, and experiences of lower vibration and embodying love. Through it, you embody the full light that you are.




5. Becoming a way-shower:

Thanks to your spiritual and psychic gifts, your intuition and deep knowledge of who you really focus on. Your service is empowered. Not only are you able to serve in a more joyful, abundantly rewarding and fulfilling way for you, but you can serve, love and help others more effectively.

That’s when you take the next step, which is really a one-way shower. You live life with an open heart and, through your service, you present yourself to be a representative of the message you teach. Not only do you learn and teach, but you embody, shine and share now from your open heart.




6. Crystalline divine blueprint embodiment:

This is the Christed state. You embody the model of Christ, who is your awake self. In this step, you unify all layers, dimensions, and aspects of yourself. You bring the awareness of Christ into your life and live it. This is how you are the way-shower.

In this state, you circulate with happiness and ease, you naturally serve others and you continue to grow and climb.




7. Reuniting with the source:

This is a complete multidimensional manifestation. It is far beyond the physical. It is incredibly large and extensive. I do not know anyone living at this time in this complete incarnation of consciousness and presence of the source, but this is where the path of ascent goes.

This is where the embodiment of the divine in physical form is available and where we are as ascending initiates. We all come back to this full pure light source connection. After that, the next step is outside of physical expression. It is about leaving the physical body and fully returning to the source.

Maybe at this point, you want to become a star or enter another galaxy or whatever. You return fully and reunite with the source and enter a new journey; a new existence.

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The Christ consciousness template:

The consciousness of Christ is a model in which we can all climb. Just as Jesus Christ fully embodied this model of Christ, you and I can too in this life. We can fully embody our crystalline selves. I’m not saying that you become Jesus here. I say you become the fully enlightened version of yourself.

The embodiment of the model of Christ consciousness is like a beautiful snowflake. No two manifestations of Christ’s consciousness are identical, just as no two snowflakes are identical. How I embody my fully awake crystalline self is different from Jesus, different from you and that is what makes this ascension process so beautiful and exciting.

Each of us awakening to our full crystal light is totally different. Your skills and your gifts are different from mine. There is room for all of us at the top.

Together we create the new paradigm of the earth where we are all Christ, awakened beings living in harmony, increasing the vibration of this planet and truly loving life. We are living in a new paradigm that has never been seen before. It’s a vibrant, awake, crystalline and entirely new golden age. These are the stages of the journey as individuals. And when we take them all collectively, the magic happens.



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