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The Spiritual Meaning Behind the Mirror Hour – 22:22

Lately, you may have noticed that your gaze often crossed the mirror hour 22:22. At first, you thought it was just a coincidence, but next, you may have started to wonder if it had any special meaning. Indeed, when you see this time recurrently, it is your subconscious trying to send you a message.

In numerology, one must know that the mirror hour 22:22 has a deep meaning because the number 22 is one of the most powerful numbers. The 22nd is one of the master numbers like 11, 33 and 44.

If you regularly see this mirror hour, it shows that you are sensitive to the energies of the universe and that great things could happen to you if you manage to draw inspiration from them.

Through the study of guardian angels, numerology and tarot of Marseille, we will discover the full meaning of the 22:22 mirror hour below:


Mirror Hour 22:22: Guardian Angels

When you see the mirror hour 22:22, it’s about your guardian angels telling you that you’re going to do great and beautiful things.

You have shown patience and humility, but prepare to reap the benefits of your efforts and to be recognized by others. You will become a reference in your specialty thanks to your patience. Your colleagues will be captivated by your strong will and hard work.

You always respect your commitments, whether in your work or your private life. But be careful, you often think that you can accomplish everything without any help, but over time it could wear you down.

The message is so obvious when you see 22:22, it indicates that you have many ideas in mind. Your subconscious works without the will, it is your conscious mind and your experiences that feed it. That’s why you have so many new ideas emerging. Your angel sends you the creative energy that you use every day without even realizing it.

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Mirror Hour 22:22 : Angelic Interpretation

The guardian angel that corresponds to 22:22 is Habuhiah, with a period of influence from 22:20 to 22:40. This angel is of feminine polarity, and it symbolizes healing and fertility. It cures all diseases, brings innovative ideas, crops, and supports you when you try to have a baby with your partner.

Habuhiah gives you the ability to review your desires. In addition, it protects you from shifts, out of phase between what you want to be and do and what you are and what you do.

It promotes good health and helps to cure the ills of the body and the soul. This angel also allows you to reconnect to synchronicity. It takes you away from a double life and offsets between your emotions and your thoughts.

Finally, this guardian angel offers protection against unproductive land, misery, pollution, insect attack and scarcity. It also protects against contagious diseases and contaminations.



Mirror hour 22h22: Numerology

In numerology, the mirror hour 22:22 is 44, it reveals that you are able to accomplish great things, especially on a professional level. You are particularly competent and able to overcome any challenge thanks to your perseverance and your strength of character.

You also have big plans for the material aspect of your life, because you feel the need to be reassured materially. On the other hand, take care of the rest. If you are looking for too much, you may find yourself overwhelmed, and you may collapse, be careful.

This master number prompts you to become aware of your qualities and your defects, as well as your strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to this, you will be able to maintain stable relations in the long term, be it love or friendship.

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Mirror hour 22h22: Tarot of Marseille

The card of the Tarot which corresponds to 22:22 is The Fool. This card shows that you are jumping into the unknown, an uncertain choice or a situation that makes you doubt. It shows an irrational thought that can lead to a bohemian lifestyle. Moreover, it indicates growth, but without real goals.

As far as love is concerned, this card reveals unstable feelings, a relationship that provides some discomfort that can lead to a breakup.

In terms of work, you will have to assume your responsibilities and be very wise. You must first determine your goals in order to achieve them.

Finally, concerning the money, it reveals great expenses. This card also warns you that you may face unforeseen or even unpaid bills.


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