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20 Signs That You Have Hidden Healing Powers

Everyone can be a spiritual healer. We have all been pre-programmed with this ability. But in the same way that everyone can become an artist, some are naturally more talented. In the same way that everyone can be an athlete, some are naturally more athletic.

As the world is increasingly damaged by man’s unthinking behaviors and actions, the need for healers is becoming more and more essential.

Healing with the help of a healer is a natural process where the beneficial energy flows between a healer and a recipient. This energy is supposed to face a “malaise” at the deepest possible level. It also helps to free a person’s natural resources so that they work for the person, not against “malaise”. This type of healing includes physical, psychological and spiritual ailments.

Healers are the people who facilitate this specific type of healing. It is important to understand that healers do not heal another person – the nature of healing. But healers act as a catalyst and know how to use natural energy around them to promote healing.

Right now, I know that most of you think of these “evangelical healers” who stand on stage and heal people in dramatic shows. These people are certainly not true healers. True healers are not so bright and, most often, they do not know they are healers. However, there are signs that can be taken into consideration.

Healers are present in all societies and are never solicited unless circumstances compel us to do so. This lack of interest has left potential healers in a state of non-recognition. We need healers, more than ever, so here is a list of traits common to healers. Examine your own character and see if this archetype fits you!


20 Signs that Indicate you Have Healing Abilities:

20 signs that indicate you have healing abilities:

  1. You are often told that your presence is soothing.
  2. You and people who are physically close to you are rarely sick.
  3. You are constantly thinking of ways to improve people’s lives.
  4. You have probably been diagnosed with anxiety, panic or mood disorders.
  5. You are very empathetic, to the point that it disrupts your social life.
  6. You have healers in your family. Your elders could be doctors, therapists, medical workers, humanitarian demonstrators, veterinary workers or guidance counselors. All to help people with the human condition.
  7. You walk in public spaces with butterflies in your stomach and senses awake.
  8. You know how to deal with animals. They react more calmly with you or are just happy to see you.
  9. Foreigners tell you about their life easily.
  10. You are an excellent masseur, even if you have never been to school for this.
  11. You often have neck and shoulder pain due to stress.
  12. You are happy to be outside.
  13. The crystals attract you and you are interested in their metaphysical properties.
  14. The spiritual sciences are of interest to you: Reiki, healing with energy, shamanism, acupuncture, among others …
  15. Your high level of awareness means that you are sensitive to certain foods and beverages. You may have regular problems with headaches or digestive problems.
  16. Sometimes you have shivers, you feel a heat radiating from your heart, or the palms of your hands tingle and pulsate.
  17. People look to you for comfort, problem solutions, kind words, and you feel that the problems of others often weigh on your shoulders so that you can find a solution. This can sometimes make you feel overwhelmed by such situations. Do not let this overtake you because it’s easy to overdo it.
  18. People are interested in your beliefs and opinions.
  19. Sometimes the misfortunes of the world prevent you from sleeping at night.
  20. People are interested in your beliefs and opinions.

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