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The Astrological Events of September 2019 and Their Impact on Your Life

The season of Libra is approaching. And with the help of Venus, it will make us focus on appearances.

Choose your words with caution, but also the tone you use. Here is a day-by-day guide to the cosmic activities of the month and the best way to apprehend them:



The Full Moon in Pisces on September 13:

The Full Moon in Pisces on September 13

The first lunar event of the month asks you to open your heart to love. The manifestation of love will be important.

Every time we have a Full Moon shining in the sign of Pisces, it reinforces our compassion. We express our love freely, without any waiting in return. Pisces adds the quality of the infinite to this love.




Mercury will transit in Libra on September 14:

This will be the best time to try visual communication. What you usually express in writing or speaking will be best expressed in paintings, drawings or even photographs with the second week of September. The less you talk, the better.




Venus will go to Libra on September 14:

Venus will go to Libra on September 14

Venus will bless us with beauty and grace during its transition to Libra. You will be able to maintain a cooperative attitude that will allow you to go through difficult situations. Libra will help you perfect your balance skills, even more, when working as a partner or as a team.




Saturn will end its retrograde cycle on September 18:

After being in a retrograde period for nearly 5 months, Saturn will become direct. The time to think ends and you will be asked to act. Remember your promises and work on them.




The appearance of Jupiter-Neptune on September 18th:

This aspect will challenge us to accept different perspectives. To resolve tensions between different personal truths and reality. We will focus our energy on the similarities we all share, instead of focusing on our differences.




The Sun moves in Libra on September 23:

The Sun moves in Libra on September 23

It’s the season of Libra! Use the powers of Libra to improve your personal life. Whether it’s a major change, a change at home, or something more modest, like rearranging a shelf or moving your furniture. This will help positive energies to flow freely and to make things look sweeter and more aesthetic!




The New Moon in Libra on September 28:

A New Moon with its new cycle will help us start new things. The best time to leave our negative habits for better and more positive. It will be a good time to take stock of our external problems. When you begin to understand them, you will notice how this brings positive change.


So get ready to enjoy this month and take all the necessary precautions to spend a good month in September!

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