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The Moons of September: Full Moon in Pisces and New Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Pisces:

The month of September will host a Full Moon on the 14th, which will take place in Pisces. As a sign of water, Pisces is quite sensitive and emotional.

Add the emotional vibration of the Full Moon and you have a host of emotions that occur. So, do not be rude to people and make sure your words are not mean to your loved ones, otherwise, they may be bad and very sad.

Pisces can make us super-compassionate and sacrificial to the extent that we do not care about our self-esteem or well-being. That said, we really need to put limits in place that will prevent us from focusing too much on others while not neglecting ourselves.

Pisces announce the end of the signs of the zodiac, while the Full Moon symbolizes the culmination of something. It goes without saying that you will certainly see something end in front of you. This is the sign of the universe that you must get rid of what is holding you back.

Pisces also control our subconscious, which will help us to understand ourselves better than we thought. In addition, this Full Moon will intensify our intuition a lot, so do not forget to use it to better understand your environment.

The Moon in sextile with Pluto in the zodiac sign Capricorn, will help us understand the passionate energy that comes to us and allow us to use it.

The Moon will also join Neptune, which will reveal a hidden fact or could make us a little more vulnerable.




New Moon in Libra:

September 28 will be the day of the New Moon in Libra. It is interesting to note that Venus, Mercury, and the Sun will also be in Libra, which would make it a time of great concentration on other people.

Since the Full Moon was also meant to live for others, the month of September will be the same for everyone.

The effects this month will have on us will lead to the introduction and initiation of new people into our lives, while meditating and negotiating all the time.

We could also have many opportunities and take advantage of the opportunities of those who benefit.

Libra is about finding a balance in our lives, what we can achieve by focusing on what we missed. Our lives will then become easier and more effective.

In addition, what are the benefits of having people around you bickering?

Try to get them on the same wavelength and you’ll find that everyone wins.

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