You are currently viewing The giant Jupiter Retrograde Today. How will this Affect your Zodiac Sign?

The giant Jupiter Retrograde Today. How will this Affect your Zodiac Sign?

Even though astrology is not your “thing”, you’ve probably heard about Mercury’s retrograde (and all the tension and panic it can cause in us). But since Retrograde Mercury often attracts all attention, you may not know that all the other planets will downgrade at any given time – and each of the retrogrades has a special meaning.

The next retrograde cycle to come back is Jupiter, and it’s happening today on April 10th. Take a little time to learn more about this astrological event, as you will need a lot of information.


What does it mean when Jupiter becomes retrograde?

First things: in astronomy, the word “retrograde” means that something is going backward. When Jupiter becomes retrograde, it seems to move away from its usual orbit in the sky (which is nice when you think about it).

In astrology, when the planets become retrograde, you will tend to feel the areas where they govern a little more strongly. Jupiter encourages people to grow up and take risks. You may find that you are a little crazier than usual during this period.


What does retrograde Jupiter mean for your zodiac sign?

Overall, you will feel very enthusiastic and confident in just about every area of ​​your life. It is now time to introduce yourself and apply for this job for which you were too scared to apply. Try the complicated recipe you pinned “one day” and ask someone if he wants to go on an adventure with you.

You will also find that you will take the time and look at the situations as a whole. What do you really want to accomplish and what are you doing to get there? How can you be the best version of yourself?

At the same time, Venus is at the same level as Neptune, creating a dreamy and romantic atmosphere. You can find yourself building a world in your mind… until something takes you back to reality.

Retrograde Jupiter will affect all signs of the zodiac, but Sagittarius, Gemini, and Pisces will feel it most.



During the time that Jupiter will be retrograde, you will feel good on the edge of the razor. Although it may seem unreasonable, you will begin to understand where this tension comes from over the days.

You should consider spending more time working on yourself and giving yourself a break. You need time for yourself and taking a break is not a bad thing.



While this may not be the most comfortable thing for you, future retrograde events will help you move forward. You will feel much better about yourself than you have been for a very long time, and you will have to get used to it.

Some of the worst parts of your past can be revealed, but at the end of the day, without the baggage you’ve had trouble wearing, you’ll be able to move forward.



This retrograde cycle will offer you something you have missed for too long. You will find a sense of courage and work to put you outside of this world. If you were close for a while now and cut off the links with the people who care most about you, you must stop.



You will have the energy to push you to wake up. You have spent too much time allowing yourself to live your life for others. You have to determine what you want, and this retrograde will give you the perfect opportunity to do it.

Of course, this is not the worst you have experienced in your current situation, but it is not trivial and it does serve you well. You are moving towards new things.



For you right now, the world is a scary place. You face a lot of pain and struggle, but you do your best to be strong. You will realize how small you really are as this process goes backward.

Of course, you often want to be the center of attention, but that’s not possible at the moment. Perhaps you should ask yourself if the path you are headed for is the one you need before it is too late to make the necessary changes.



Time is something we do not get tired of. There seems to be something new for you every day and you can not manage it. This retrograde will give you a blow to your head and you may find it worthwhile to work with the energies rather than against them.

If you are ready to take the risks necessary to seize this opportunity, these energies could generate an abundance.



This retrograde will put you in a position where you can better adjust to your own emotions. You will drain your heart once and for all to the person who matters most to you.

Even if the things you normally feel should hang, Jupiter will not allow it. Remember that even if you stumble, you will benefit in the long run from the fact that you are actually trying.



You have been through a lot of things lately and there will be a period of relaxation over the next few months. You will express yourself more and find something that will make you happy.

Although it is not something you are good at, you will love and stay true to your heart, it is something that this retrograde cycle will require you to work on.



The time has come for you to come out of your shell. You usually find a way to avoid this and you continue without creating real links. This retrograde will push you to delve into your past and open yourself to someone who is more important to you than you originally thought.

Maybe in the coming months you will have a big unexpected surprise.



The next four months will not be easy for you. They will be quite intense and full of stress. You will make serious decisions and most of them will leave you with the feeling of making mistakes.

Remember, if you make the decision that’s right for you, it does not matter what you’ve done well. We can not just make everyone happy and understand that it will make you feel better than you can imagine.



The retrograde cycle of Jupiter will make you look at your spiritual side. You will spend much more time meditating and trying to overcome some of the difficulties you have faced.

With a minimum of effort, you will be able to easily go through these periods. Some people may be able to learn one or two things from you.



It will not be a good retrograde cycle for you, but it will be powerful. In the coming months, you will explore a lot more and try to overcome the setbacks that await you.

If you want to find the light for your future, maybe this dark moment will take you there.

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