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This is what Numerology has to Tell You About Your Love Life

Numerology is the study of our personal numbers, based on this knowledge, we can better understand the characteristics and behavior of human beings.

The term ‘numerology’ refers precisely to the science of symbolic numbers. For example, numerology can predict many things about a person’s love life based on his date of birth.

For a person who was born on March 1, 1993, his love number will be: 1 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 3 = 26, which then amounts to 2 + 6 = 8. 

Let’s now discover what numerology has to say about your love life:


Love Number 1

Those whose number is 1 also aspire to be the “number one” in their relationships. They can be unnecessarily aggressive or behave brusquely.

These are people who tend to dominate their partners because they always take initiatives. In addition, they can also be somewhat pretentious and have some kind of superiority complex.


Love Number 2

These people are at the exact opposite of the number “1”. They are very attentive and very affectionate. They treat their relationships and their partners well enough to make changes if they deem necessary. They offer security and stability in a relationship.


Love Number 3

They are the most insane and the most curious of the troop. In private life as in everyday life, they are curious and always question the norm.

They like to have new experiences and put a little spice into their love life. For them, everything is a question of “happiness and self-realization”.


Love Number 4

These people make fun of the intimate life, and even of love. However, they care a lot about their partners and especially about their happiness. For them, the questions of love are very solemn and serious, and cannot be marginalized.


Love Number 5

This is the number that defines passion. These people have a “very aggressive” intimate life and for them, intimacy can even be somewhat violent, as long as it has quality. These people are definitely very attractive, even irresistible.


Love Number 6

For number 6, harmony is of utmost importance. These people make a lot of effort to make their relationship and life in general peaceful.

They are people who have values ​​and who know how to make sense of the family. It is better for these people to be with people who are looking for that same stability.


Love Number 7

These people are usually very dedicated and very caring. But it is also very common that they choose to remain single; which can make them a little inaccessible and difficult to love. These people do not care about material prosperity, but about a spiritual union.


Love Number 8

Unlike people with number 7, people with number 8 have a great thirst for materialistic power. In no way do they seek to use intimacy as a means of achieving their own ends. These people care more about appearance and possible benefits than love.


Love Number 9

People who have the number 9 are among the most caring people in love. They care so much about each other that they are sometimes taken for granted.

They often misinterpret signs and confuse certain physical contacts with love. When in a relationship, they need a lot of support from their partner.


What is your love number? Was is it accurate for you? Comment below and let us hear your story.

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