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These Three Zodiac Signs Will Be Lucky in Love This Week.

What are the three luckiest zodiac signs from 16 to May 22nd 2022? What will happen this week, from the side of the cosmos?

To begin with, there is a Sun squared to Saturn and a Moon in opposition to Uranus, two aspects that can show us what others are like about their feelings.

We may just have a disagreement with someone very close to us, but that won’t hurt us; in fact, it will also help us.

This is the week when conflict will do us good. We arrive at a better place in our love lives by seeing the inner functioning of someone we love and understanding that functioning.

We have made it through our honeymoon and are ready for the long journey. While it might not sound too romantic, that’s exactly what a long-term romance is: stay there and make it work.

On May 20th, the Sun will move from the patient and stable sign of Taurus to Gemini’s curious and communicative sign, bringing a sense of adaptability and change to the air.

The Sun will join Mercury retrograde in Gemini on May 21st, highlighting the information you have managed in your Gemini ruled home since the beginning of retrograde on May 10th.

With the Moon in Sagittarius, we will be able to broaden our perspective. This will make it easier for us to feel compassion for the person we are with and see the flip side of things. You may receive new information and feel more likely to share the information with others.

The Moon will also square Venus, letting us know that we are safe and that there are no surprises. And even though Mercury’s retrograde energy tends to be a bit unreliable, you may not need to take definitive action based on what you discover; just keep that in mind for later. Once Mercury goes direct on June 3rd, you will be more confident moving forward.

And by the end of the week, we will be pampered with the Sun in Gemini, which almost guarantees that everything we share with our partner will be honoured and taken seriously. It’s a great week to share secrets and explore new horizons with those we love.

So which 3 Zodiacs will be the luckiest, especially in love, during the week of May 16th to 22, 2022

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CancerYou like to know what you are getting yourself into before you give it your all and commit yourself. If you currently want to get involved with someone you genuinely love and want to level up with, you will find that this week is quite supportive of your endeavours.

In a way, you can use this week as a test case to see if things can change because there is no fear, no inhibition this week. The person you want to approach is in the same boat; she is also interested in a commitment with you and will show you that she is not only honest but dedicated.

In other words, you have found someone good and, as we all know, those people are guardians. You will be lucky in love this week because the doors of happiness open for you.

This week will also be reflective for you as Mercury continues its retrograde through your 12th house of isolation and the Sun joins the party on May 20th.

With the Mars-Neptune conjunction in your ninth house of spirituality and wisdom on May 18th, however, you won’t be spending your time in solitude just twisting your thumbs. Instead, you are called to examine and reflect on your well-being and habits. Did your state of mind help or hinder you? How does this align with your spiritual beliefs? It is also a good time for reflection to fully understand how you put your spirituality into your practices.


ScorpioThis week can sometimes feel like a dream come true because you can’t do anything wrong. This may be when you can admit that you have learned a thing or two about love, and when you have started applying that knowledge to your relationship, you are now finding that it works.

Luck in love comes to you this week in the form of expertise and compassion. You’ve decided to try to understand your partner or someone without judging them first, and guess what? It will work. Compassion is the key word this week.

This season has also forced you to delve into your identity. There has recently been a focus on your creative expression and personal enjoyment, and this will become even more of a theme once your planet Mars joins Neptune in your fifth house on 18. May.

When this happens, you will feel called to lean on your idealistic creative pursuits, making this an ideal time to focus on all artistic goals. There are no limits when the planets are in the shifting waters of Pisces, and as a water sign, this energy is for you. As you finish the week with the Sun moving into your eighth house of shared resources and boundaries, you will be called upon to evaluate the dynamic between you and others.

It will be an excellent week for you, so enjoy it !!


PiscesOn May 18th, Mars and Neptune will unite in your first home, giving you a boost of energy and confidence. And with Neptune on top, you may not necessarily be able to see where you are headed, especially in your career (especially since Mercury is currently retrograde), but you will feel inspired and hopeful. This is a great week to clarify some of your plans. And once Mars moves into Aries at the end of this month, you will have the energy to carry on your endeavours, but for now, dreaming and wishing will be more than enough.

And while there may be problems in the workplace, your family life will be peaceful this week as you reap the benefits of transits such as the Moon in Sagittarius, the Sun in sextile Neptune, and the Full Moon in Scorpio.

Your libido will be strong, and luckily you can use this intense energy with your love partner, who will be even happier to let you use it to your heart’s content. And, of course, by “use”, we mean having fun because you and your partner are there for each other.

This week, your relationship with a loved one will level up as you reveal new facets. This will lead you to think about new projects and new adventures for the future of your couple. If luck in love is what you need, it’s up to you to get it this week.


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