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This is How Our Ego, Intuition, and Spirit Guides Communicate with Us

Although each of them is very unique and has its own means of communication, not everyone is aware of it. Many people confuse the voice of their ego for their intuition guiding them towards something and this must stop.

Below, we will review each and the ways in which each chooses to communicate with us.

This will help you better understand what you are facing and how it should be managed. While not all of them are as interesting as you would like, they should all be known.



Our Ego’s voice:

The voice of your ego is going to be much more important than the others. It is a manifestation of your desires and therefore, of course, it will be stronger. It will want to talk about the things you want and how to get them, the things you are stressed about and why they need to change.

It will be a harsh, judgy voice that wants to improve you by any means necessary. It doesn’t matter who gets run over while getting to the top.

The Ego wants to prove your unworthiness by making sure that you know everything that is wrong with who you are and seeks to be heard more than others. It is sometimes useful but always something to which we must not give power. It will highlight your faults and is everything that the other two on this list aren’t.


Our Intuition:

Your intuition will either be a slight sensation or a full whisper, it just depends. For most, it is a feeling. Now, if you have a strong intuition, it will be a strong feeling, but it will not offer you the same things as the Ego. Your intuition will work to save you from dangerous situations and offer you a little extra protection.

If you are stressed and unable to continue, your intuition will come back to you just before you become confused to remind you that you can take a break if you need to. Unfortunately, most people ignore their intuition and because of this end up stepping right off the edge.

We must always listen to our intuition because it is our subconscious which is really connected to the source. This “fight or flight” is not present without reason.

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Our Spirit Guides:

Now, this is the most misinterpreted of the three. When your spiritual guide speaks to you, it will not always be in the conditions that you think it will be and it will almost never be literally speaking.

Your spiritual guide will send out meaningful little messages that you will notice. If you don’t look close enough, you will miss them and sometimes even if you see them, you will not know what they mean. You should read between the lines when it comes to a spiritual guide.

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