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12 Ways in which Empaths and Intuitives Can Use Their Superpowers

In this world, there are many more empathetic and intuitive people than most realize. More of us than ever are in tune with the world around us and able to really work toward big things, even in the smallest of ways.

Empaths and intuitive people are very gifted individuals. They are more able to sense the emotions and energies of others than the rest of the people on this planet. They can feel things that no one else can feel and because of that, they are very misunderstood.

When it comes to their gifts and skills, in general, they are sort of modern superheroes. They can create or break the moods of those around them depending on how they react to the things they pick up on.

Below, we will review some of the ways they can use their gifts in their daily lives. These are things that you will notice a lot of empaths and intuitive people do. The more you pay attention, the more they stand out. If you happen to be one, you will know these things too well.

12 ways empaths and intuitive people can use their gifts in their daily lives:



1. They can distinguish liars:

These types of people are able to sense when someone is lying to them or to the people around them.

They can spot dishonesty from a mile away, and the more the lies are told, the more apparent the deception becomes.




2. They know if the room’s energy is positive or not:

Empaths and intuitive people are able to sense energies. They can sense how a room will come off before they even enter it. You cannot lure them into a negative environment without them noticing it first.

Often, they know exactly where not to go even without having been there before.




3. They can read others’ intentions:

These very gifted individuals are generally more than capable of reading the intentions of others. They can tell when someone is authentic and when they are not.

If you come at them “sideways”, they will not be the type to keep you. They only surround themselves with the most positive people.




4. They can stand up for others:

People who are empathetic are often more obliged to defend the oppressed. When someone is too afraid to defend themselves, they say what needs to be said.

They help people around them by being the voice of reason in this world full of hatred.

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5. They can ease other people’s pain:

These two types of people are very capable of really relieving the pain that others feel. Although they cannot remove it completely, they can create a sense of understanding that most lack.

They can approach the situation from a different perspective and offer good advice.




6. They can help in restoring the energy of people and places:

Empaths and intuitive people are very energetic beings. They can change the mood and energy presence of places and people around them within reasonable limits.

They have a lot more power than you think.




7. They can help others recognize their dreams:

These types of people can really promote inspiration in the lives of others. When someone has trouble achieving their dreams, these people help them regain their sense of self.

They push the people closest to them to be the best possible versions of themselves.




8. They can promote love and positivity:

While it doesn’t seem like much in this hateful world, these kinds of people promote positivity and love. Although they too have their bad days, they have far more good than most.

They are capable of much more than you could imagine.




9. They can understand dreams’ meanings:

Intuitive people and empaths are among the most understanding people in this world. They can really make sense of their dreams and the dreams of others.

This is because they are so in tune with the universe around them.

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10. They can find the best paths to follow:

Sure, you may not be able to see where to go from here, but these people can. They know which paths lead where and how to get where they need to be.

They can see the world from an incomparable point of view. If you ask them for advice, you will get the best advice possible.




11. They can indulge in the unknown:

These people are able to embrace and engage in the unknown. They are not afraid of it, they welcome it.

They no doubt know how important progress is and how essential it is to travel where you may not want to go.




12. They can tell when the universe is making something known.

Empaths and intuitive people are pretty magical in many ways. They can tell when the universe is talking to them and they know how to react.

While it may not seem like much, their gifts come from a much more connected place and through this they are capable of wonderful things.




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