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This Is How You Can Recognize Signs from the Universe

Do you ever feel like the universe is trying to tell you something, but you just don’t understand the message? Do you find yourself looking for answers to questions in your life and never finding a solution?

You might feel that way because you are not fully aware of the “language” of the universe. The answers are probably right in front of you. The “language barrier” with the universe is a major obstacle for many; once you learn the lingo, your life experience will only grow.

The universe communicates with us all the time. We do not always recognize messages or achievements because the universe speaks through experience. In Vedic wisdom, great attention is paid to the importance of becoming more aware of your life experiences.

Conceptually, we draw from these traditions the idea that human beings are an event of consciousness and that you exist for the purpose and function of experience. So what means could be more effective for communication than life itself?

Here are some tips on how you can start decoding and decrypting your life and better understanding the awesome experience around you.



Develop your desire to receive:

It is a valuable but often overlooked starting point for any type of life exploration. Sometimes we ask questions while being apprehensive about the answers. When we ask questions of the universe or our higher self, this apprehension is noted.

Remember that in the end, the universe always gives you love. If you are not ready to receive, you will not. Be honest with yourself and with the questions you ask yourself in life. Are you ready to change?

Cultivate a real desire to hear from the universe. Be ready to accept answers no matter how or by whom. You may receive your responses from a stranger, an unlikely source, a random event, or even a billboard. The possibilities are limitless. However, you really need to seek out before it is revealed to you.




Be attentive:

The universe has no limits on how it will speak to you. For example, someone can show up at your workplace wearing a T-shirt with a specific phrase. You may notice trends in relationships with people in your life, such as conversations about a specific subject that you cannot escape for a few days.

The intelligence of the universe is limitless. It is always connected to you and seeks to strengthen its connection with you. You may not always realize it, especially if you are struggling.

Pay more attention to what you are going through. Why ask a question in order to ignore the answer? Take a closer look at your environment during these research periods. You may be surprised at what jumps out at you when you really pay attention.

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Note down recurring experiences:

This Is How You Can Recognize Signs from the Universe (2)When you begin to pay more attention to events and stimuli in your life, you may notice some repetitions; take note. You do not need to write down these recurring experiences or themes, although it is helpful. These rehearsals pop for a reason.

For example, suppose you are looking for a new job. You are out of luck and you start to feel a little upset about the situation. For some reason, you find that you constantly meet this stranger in the city in the most random places. You may notice something about this person, be it their dress style or their vehicle, or maybe even something more nuanced.

One day, you start a conversation and discover that they work in this fabulous company that is currently hiring. This is an example of Synchrodestiny. Although this is a hypothetical scenario, these are the kinds of situations that turn out to be the signs of the universe.

The universe is not subtle. When a message is sent, it should be heard loud and clear. Just because we don’t get it at the start doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Sometimes these messages will be sent repeatedly until we receive them. So be careful, take notes, and start unlocking those hidden potentials in recurring experiences in your life.




Be sensitive:

To become more aware of the signs of the universe, pay more attention to yourself. Remember that you and the universe are one, which means that a true sign of creation should resonate with you on some level. Even if you do not understand it, your higher installations will warn you that something important concerns the occurrence, the person, or the symbol.

We all have our own levels of consciousness. Anyone can cultivate this skill through self-reflection and meditation. The more you agree with your intuition and your inner world, the more your dialogue with the universe becomes strong and clear.

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Surrender to the universe:

Once you start to recognize and interact with the signs around you, remember that you have the power to see what you want to see. If you want the universe to say something, you will bend it to meet your desire. It may not be the universe that speaks to you.

To avoid this problem, you must surrender completely. If you want an answer or a sign from the universe on a specific subject, you must free up your personal investment in the answer. Let it come.

If you really want to experience the real thing, then allow the experience to be more important than the answer to it. Don’t shortchange yourself by placing words in the proverbial mouth of the universe. If you’re looking for answers, you don’t have the answers. Keep this in mind and surrender.



Do not overcomplicate the sign:

You can get lost looking for the truth. You may receive a sign but keep looking more instead of receiving the message. The universe expresses a lot of genius in simplicity. This truth can be seen in nature all the time. Most things simply are. If the universe tells you “go left”, don’t be shy trying to understand why and how and when to go. Just do it!

In many ways, we humans tend to get confused, and this may be true when it comes to receiving signs as responses. In other words, if you see something important on the side of a bus, don’t commit to following the bus and questioning its passengers at every stop.

If a person tells you something deep in a specific way and at a particular time, it does not mean that you have to get to know that person. The universe is what speaks to you at that time, which is why you felt this momentary impact. This person or thing is more than likely a carrier of intelligence to get it to you in the right way.



Receive it fully:

You are always engaged in a conversation with the universe. Sometimes a deep moment of realization or a sign can only be part of the message. Continue to receive. Remember: when you know or need to know, you will know. There will be no confusion or doubt about what is said. Look for this type of relationship with the universe and it will certainly support it.

Do not allow yourself to receive part of the message and find yourself more lost. Trust the source, inside and outside of yourself. Signs are not meant to be ambiguous, even if they seem to be at first. Seek and find, then receive fully, to find your truth.

The recognition and reception of information through signs depend on will, serious research, and simple listening. The universe is always there to help us, so let it help you and be careful what it tells you.

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