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This is the Special Gift You were Born With According to Your Birthday

On each birth date, there is a special gift, a particular talent. And maybe you don’t know yours.

It is nice to know that we all receive a special gift at birth. A particularity that we are not always able to decipher clearly, but that distinguishes us. Discovering this gift means identifying our path.



How to discover your own special gift:

It’s very simple! You must write your date of birth, for example, 7 June 1978.

At this point add up the numbers that make it up: 7 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 8.

The result is 38. That is 3 + 8 = 11. 1 + 1 = 2.

In this case, your special gift corresponds to the number 2!

After identifying the number that identifies your date of birth, let’s see what it is and its meaning. Read Also: This is What Numerology has to Say about Your Name.




1. Magic.

Those who have the number 1 as a result of their date of birth are people with special magic.

This is their special gift, and it is important that this strength is always used not only for oneself but also for others.

Gift: creation.

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2. Empathy.

The number 2 identifies empathy as the main characteristic of the people to whom this number is matched

The sensitivity to be able to read and understand beyond simple appearances, and to be able to perceive the great meaning of life.

Gift: empathy.

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3. Duality.

The special gift of duality consists of having great and immense strength, a veritable reservoir of energy capable of reaching any goal.

But care must be taken, because this force can be constructive, but also enormously destructive.

Gift: creation and destruction.

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4. Simplicity.

The special gift expressed in number 4 represents the essentiality, the direct connection with the four elements of nature.

So the person who has this characteristic will always know how to find the right path and use the most appropriate element.

It may be fire or air, depending on the circumstances!

Gift: naturalness.

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5. The spirit.

The number five symbolizes the spirit, that is the ability to know how to understand the set of forces and meanings present in one’s life.

This person is able to draw resources in that world which is not always visible or interpretable.

Gift: ancestral magic.

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6. The sun.

The special gift that distinguishes this number concerns the strength and power of the sun.

The brightness and the ability to be proactive, determined. The leader in relationships and example for those who live next to you.

Gift: healing and inner strength.

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7. Affinity with the Moon.

The special gift identified in this issue concerns the affinity with the moon and its great powers.

Intuition, ability to identify details, great energy. These are the characteristics that belong to the people who found the number 7!

Gift: intuition.

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8. Orientation.

Who found this number is a person with an inner compass very close to what we call magic.

An ability to orient yourself and choose the best path beyond the normal rational skills, a mix of synthesis and a truly unique vision.

Gift: alchemy.

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9. Shamanism.

The special gift identified by this number is a summary of the best features seen above.

A rare number to find, like the people to whom it is matched.

Gift: healing and connection.

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