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5 Soul Contracts You Need to Break Free from in Order to Grow

The soul contracts are wonderful loving relationships between people that create growth, transformation and even access to unconditional love. People always want to know the soul contract that unites them to their partner, mother, sister… After all, when you know the soul contract, it means that you are on the right track to creating a fruitful relationship.

Still, a soul contract can also be a painful obstacle that can prevent people from realizing their dreams, finding a best friend or even succeeding in business. When a soul contract blocks the way, it is discouraging and always confusing. Many people have tried everything to find their true love, but they have never succeeded, because of a soul contract that blocked them.

Here are 5 common soul contracts that you should release:



1. Soul Contract of Transparency.

This is a very common agreement that we use as a means of protection. By staying in the background and integrating yourself, you are less likely to be penalized or reported. But if you want to start a business, become an expert, write a book, and more, you need to stand out to do these things!

When you free yourself from this soul contract of your life, things will really begin to open. Much of your life depends on your ability to chart your own path.



2. Soul Contract of Martyrdom.

Do you have a lot of trouble saying no? Do you set aside your own needs or desires to help others, even when you do not feel like it? Do you feel better if you sacrifice your own needs to make someone else happy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it means either that you feel frustrated, that you feel that others do not like you or that you feel tired and exhausted.

You probably also feel that the term “selfish” is the worst type of insult, and you probably do everything you can to get off that label. When you break this soul contract, it will help you make better decisions about who to help and when. You can also continue to take care of yourself while giving to others.

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3. Soul contract of loneliness.

Have you chained love disappointments without ever finding your soul mate? Have you tried blind meetings, online dating? Although there are many different contracts that could hinder the search for love, the soul contract of loneliness can be one of the most difficult to manage.

Free yourself from this contract and you can finally feel the support and love you seek.

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4. Soul Contract of Anxiety.

If you’re still feeling anxious, nervous or worried, your soul might force you to this type of contract. When one of your worries subsides, do you quickly replace it with another worry?

You may think it’s normal, but it’s not. In many cases, it’s a contract you’ve made at some point in your life and your soul still believes it’s worthwhile.



5. Soul Contract of Loyalty.

Do you defend your friends, lovers, no matter what they do or how they treat you? Have you ever heard yourself say “yes, he’s mean but he’s my uncle” or “I do not have a choice, he’s my boss”?

This soul contract often allows a person to create a situation where they feel helpless or stuck when considering changing or leaving their relationship because they do not want to give up the other person.

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How to start freeing yourself from these contracts.

First of all, you must understand that you can not break the soul contracts as you want. It does not work like that. You must first do the work to understand how this agreement has served you and has harmed you.

The second step is awareness. For example, if martyrdom is a problem, take a few weeks to realize that you are giving up your own needs for someone else’s. You will begin to see patterns in your behavior, and as they emerge, it will become easier and easier for you to recognize the moments when you tend to sacrifice yourself for others.

Then, knowing the contract will bring a moment of clarity. If you normally say, “Yes, I’ll take Marie to the pool on Saturday so you can go to your gym,” you should take a moment to give your answer. In this break, you have created an opportunity: “Do I want to follow the same pattern or do I want to make a different decision this time?”

Once you have made different decisions, you can speed up and deepen the publication by writing about it.

There is no good or bad decision here – only what works for you. It’s about becoming aware of the pattern and how it comes into your life, then steps to take to free you from this contract.



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