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Are your Vibrations High Enough to Attract what you Want?

Having the right vibrations to attract what you want is definitely one of the most important elements when we practice the Law of Attraction.

Indeed, it is not enough to:

– erase our wrong beliefs and memories that limit us; 
– visualize our wishes; 
– recite affirmations; 
– to be convinced of being already in possession of what we desire;

It is also very important to be sure of having a good vibratory rate so that our requests materialize, that we meet the good people, the good opportunities…

Even if it is a lot of things to put into practice, with a little training, all this can be done and become a habit of life.


What is the vibration rate?

Everything is vibration in the Universe. The sounds, the shapes, the colors, the objects are vibrations as well as each being and each thought.

Every human being has a vibration rate from birth that will evolve according to his positive and negative experiences.

According to Einstein, everything is energy. We are energy and everything around us: nature, stone blocks, everything you see around you, ALL is 100% energy!

To attract what you want, it is necessary to increase your rate of vibration, your energy. This energy may vary depending on your mood, your emotional state or your health.

These are elements that determine the rise or fall of your vibration rate and it can vary throughout the day.

When you meet someone you do not know, you can say, “This one, I do not feel it. ” In fact, you do not feel any affinity between his vibration and yours!

Energy is transmitted by vibrations and is measured by a vibratory frequency. The vibration rate can, therefore, be defined as the measure of the quality of energy. It is expressed in Units Bovis (UB), (not recognized by the official science) and varies according to the species.

It is the same for the vibratory energy of your place of residence. This can be measured and “controlled” by Feng Shui, the millennial art you surely know that aims to harmonize the energy of a place to ensure the well-being, health, and prosperity of its people.


How does it work?

The law of energetic attraction is very simple to understand: the higher the vibratory frequency, the more we can attract beautiful things: happiness, joy, health, prosperity and all positive feelings.

And when the vibratory frequency is low, not only do we fail to attract what we want in life, but we also seem to attract only what we do not want. Result: negative feelings of all kinds and unwanted situations.

When the vibratory frequency is good, the thoughts and the corresponding beings end up aligning themselves. This is the same principle when you want to listen to an FM radio channel, you must search and be on the right frequency to have the desired program.


How to know if your vibrations are high?

It’s simple, if your vibratory rate is high, you tend to feel good and not want to leave the place where you are.

Curiously, it is in these moments that the famous coincidences that occur in your life are manifested. Your dreams and desires come quickly as if by magic and with such ease.


When you feel good, you have experiences that make you feel good. You will be grateful and radiant so life will bring you even more pleasant situations.

However, if it is low, you are agitated, nervous, with an urgent need to change space. You are rarely at peace and you develop diseases more easily. You feel bad and your vibration draws to you events and people who agree to your state.

A vicious circle is taking place: as you are hurting, you are having difficult experiences. And as you live in difficult situations, you are in pain … The low vibrations accommodate you to places and situations with low energy.

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What lowers your vibrations?

In our everyday environment and bad habits, it is much easier to lower your vibration rate than to increase it. Sometimes you will not even suspect these elements.

Negative media information (listen to the news or read newspapers and you will understand …)

Addictions such as tobacco, alcohol;

Electromagnetic waves;

Nuclear energy;

Some foods;

High voltage lines;

The complaints of others or complaining oneself;

Anger, suffering, violence, abuse, fear, and anxiety;

In other words, if you strive to be positive and deep down, you feel bad about something.

etc …

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How to increase your vibrations?

Many disciplines can increase your vibratory rate such as sports, dance, meditation, yoga, massages, deep breathing…

If you do not do anything like that, just do what you like to do and what relaxes you. For example, a walk in nature, see your friends, laugh or take care of your pets.

Do everything that brings you a feeling of lasting well-being and that puts you in a peaceful and happy mood. This will awaken in you an immense feeling of gratitude.

It is, therefore, possible to raise one’s vibratory rate by consciously choosing one’s activities and leisure activities.

But we know that just thinking positive will never happen to make you open your heart.

If you want a high vibratory rate, you must first unearth the root of your beliefs, compulsive behaviors, and inner closures.

There are many ways to raise your vibratory rate. Similarly, there are many ways to lower it quickly as in the examples above.

Here is a simple technique that can increase it considerably, while spreading Unconditional Love around you.

You can practice this exercise by walking alone quietly, or even at home. First, cut off any distraction like your mobile phone.

1. Choose your favorite music. The one that really gives you chills.

2. The best way to practice this exercise is to do it with a walkman if you can not cut your ambient noise. You must be able to focus on the music, the vibrations and emotions it generates in you.

3. Mount the sound by adjusting it so that you no longer hear ambient noise.

4. Let yourself be carried away by the music and the vibrations it generates. Become as light as the musical notes and imagine that you are one with these vibrations.

Normally, you should already begin to feel a surge of energy and chills running your whole body.

5. Now you will add beautiful feelings of Love, peace, and joy of life to all these vibrations. Let these feelings invade you.

6. Finally, you will send all these good vibrations to all the people you love by visualizing their faces!

You can also spread all this good energy around you by imagining that as you pass, everything becomes bright and that the people you come across are filled with this Unconditional Love.

This exercise is quite powerful. It can get you so high in frequency that when the song is over, you may have trouble getting back to reality. To avoid a sudden return, plan soft and soothing music that will follow gradually reducing the volume to return quietly.

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With this little lesson on the law of energetic attraction and this practical exercise, you will be able to increase your vibratory rate as often as you wish.

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