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Tomorrow’s New Moon in Capricorn – Using the Energies to Your Advantage

This year has been pretty hectic and even if things seem to slow down a bit, they will accelerate before you know it. The coming new moon will be your last chance to take advantage of all of this before moving on to 2020 and therefore, you must embrace it.

This new moon will be in Capricorn and will take place on December 26. This just after Christmas and the same day as the solar eclipse. While the solar eclipse itself will strengthen the whole new moon, being able to take a moment to process everything is going to be crucial when it comes to how you move forward.

Whenever the moon itself is in Capricorn, we gain quite useful energies. We are becoming more careful and at the same time much more serious. Rather than jumping into things and wasting our time, we think and make decisions based on how they will affect us in the future.

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Tomorrow's New Moon in Capricorn - Using the Energies to Your Advantage

New moons are always a time of new beginnings. Our calendar, the new year begins with the sun in Capricorn, so the new moon of Capricorn is like the start of a whole new personal year. We think about it that way because it’s a time when we set our intentions for what we want in the coming year.

These goals become like a mountain, and this mountain becomes the object that we decided to climb. Fortunately, Capricorn has a determination that gives us patience, discipline, and persistence to reach the top.

While we are ready to move forward and see our goals clearly, we will also take the time to let everything flow and proceed before we plunge into the unknown. This new moon will be, as noted above, your last chance to really breathe before everything else takes effect and catches you. It is crucial to use your time wisely during the unfolding of this new moon.

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Use this time to reflect and put your plan in order for the next decade. While 2020 is not quite there yet, it is winning us over quickly and will be there very soon. 2019 may not have been the best year, but it is one that has taught us a lot. Understanding these lessons and abandoning the models that our past has created for us is important to really be able to enter 2020 on the right foot.

Let go of all the wounds you were carrying and accept your emotional self as a whole. The energies before you will do wonders in your life if you allow them to. We cannot hide from everything that is to come and therefore kissing it with open arms is the best option for all of us.

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    There are six planets sat,jup,mar, mer sun, moo,let in Sagitarious having New moon day Solar ECLIPSE on 26/12/2019.
    All Astrlolgers Predict very good time for Sagitarious People. You are telling tomorrow’s New moon in Capricorn .! What is this fun? I am Sagitarious ! What do you expect me to believe now? You or Others ???

  2. Laurette

    How about comments for retirees instead of about work positions. Retirees would also like readings.

  3. Ali Rajput

    Thanks for your bright visionary work on capricorn star I hope everything will be grateful.

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