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We all Experience 3 Levels of Consciousness before Enlightenment

Consciousness is called the state of being aware of yourself, your thoughts, your emotions, and your feelings, and the relationship you have with the world around you. In the evolution of consciousness, your soul goes through three processes of transformation if you do your inner work.

Part of our goal in coming into this world is to become what we are destined to become, to become fully aware of humans. If you are doing your inner work, you can check your progress by knowing the three levels of consciousness before enlightenment is achieved.

If you find yourself stuck on level one, don’t be disappointed. Having this awareness is an important step in your journey. We reveal the key elements of each level to move forward.



The Ordinary Consciousness:

The first and lowest level of the evolutionary process of our consciousness is where we all start. This level of consciousness is mainly engaged in the past and the future, rarely in the present moment. Everything revolves around the past and the future.

The past is often seen as a tool to remember what has not worked and what should be improved in the future. In this state of consciousness, the opinions of others are the most important, and meeting the expectations of others is highly appreciated.

You identify with the role you play in society. Striving to be a good husband, wife or employee is of the utmost importance. You don’t question your inner identity because you can’t see it except for the roles you are supposed to play. The ego plays a more important role in this state of consciousness, it is the thing that pushes you to become much better and to get ahead of the game.

Yet despite your achievements, you still feel empty and perhaps even less confident than you were. You cannot see beyond the predetermined rules of society and your ego. However, the moment you begin to question society, your ego, and the shoulders of others, it is the moment when your consciousness begins to evolve to the next level.

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The Awakening:

Everyone Experiences These 3 Levels of Conscioussness before Enlightenment (2)The state of awakening comes when you come to the realization of your own self. Of your own reality and the ordinary of your existence. It is when you reach a peak behind the roles that you play. You feel that there is something more in these roles and in the thoughts that reign in your mind.

You become exhausted by the rules and start yearning for freedom. By becoming more aware and more alert, you begin to find your own truth and the purpose you have in this life. As you gain momentum, you discover the power hidden in self-control, not one that is rooted in punishment and reward but rooted in your own understanding of the meaning of life.

This self-control frees your awareness of identification with the world and gives you space for your own personal experience. And as you train and develop your self-control, you slowly raise your awareness to the third level.



The Complete Freedom:

The third level is the final liberation and the true celebration of life, the highest peak in the evolution of consciousness where nothing matters but the present moment. This state of consciousness opens up a whole new world, new perspectives, and a whole new dimension of existence where you come to embrace the duality of everything.

You begin to accept that light and dark are also important in your growth, your existence, and your evolution. You end up accepting life, seeing it as it really is, without ifs or buts, shoulds, and could. You realize it’s the present moment that is truly real.

You then connect to peace and tranquility within, unmoved by good and evil, without judgment, and in full connection with other souls and forms of life. In this state of consciousness, you go beyond differences and become one with others, celebrating life and rejoicing in your existence and your perfect freedom. Staying in this state of consciousness leads to enlightenment.

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