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How to Answer Your Call: 3 Ways to Know Why Your Soul Chose this Life

How to recognize and answer your call? How do you know why your soul chose this life? It’s simple: you must understand that everything happens for a reason. You are here for a reason.

“You came here with something to do. You are part of universal consciousness, and there is no accident. In your true essence, not the false self, but in the true essence of what you are, you are infinite and you have something very profound to accomplish while you are here. Otherwise, you would not be here.

Find it. Pay attention. Listen to the call. Look at the clues. See the alignments, whatever they are, regardless of whether they seem absurd or strange in the eyes of those around you… if you hear a call inside you that says there is something else, do not ignore it. Do not die with your music still in you. Do not die with your unfinished goal. Do not die as if your life was bad. Do not let this happen to you.”
~Wayne Dyer



Why your soul chose this life: You are on a mission.

Before the birth, just like an artist who chooses the paintings that will go on the blank canvas, our soul chooses a set of colors to work to determine our parents, our ethnic origin, our country of birth, etc. We also choose a number of different paths that would allow us to know certain aspects of our being.

To fully integrate our call with power and consciousness, we must first choose to forget what it is at birth, so that after years and decades, and for some, lives of search for soul, come to a point in our lives where we have to make a choice to remind ourselves of what we really are and deliberately call what gives us the greatest joy.

Know that wherever you are in life, this is exactly where you need to be. You are not bound to any destiny and you have the power to change and create something in life.

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1. Why your soul chose this life: Identify your greatest joy.

As beings of energy, we ourselves are literally the creative tools with which we are born and our feeling is the direct line of communication with our soul or the higher self. Whenever our thoughts, words, and actions are in tune with the vision of the soul, we know it right away because we feel harmony, inner peace, joy, gratitude, and love.

Whenever we feel good, our vibration is instantly higher, which easily leads to inspired action. And by engaging in inspired action, it leads to a greater joy that develops the foundation of inspired action.


Do not despair if you still do not remember what you came here to do.

Your only duty in this life is to follow your greatest joy. Once we follow the first inspired idea, we send the energy with the intention of “I am my greatest joy at this moment” in the universe that intensifies and magnifies slowly when we become more accustomed to singing the song of our heart.

What started as a seed gives us more opportunities to grow and flourish each time we follow our higher feelings because the energy that underlies this intention makes a snowball effect and creates more and more movements in the quantum realm to bring us what makes us happy.

What inspires you? What makes your heart sing? What is the thing you wanted to do, but you gave up for good?



2. Let your being guide your realization.

We prevent our achievement by planning a million tasks we must do to accomplish everything, which can also be the thing that prevents us from progressing.

Answering our call is a process like everything else. The end result does not look like what we started or planned, and that’s perfectly normal. Sometimes what we think we want is just a springboard that brings us closer to fulfilling our mission. The universe does not care about what we do to make us shine with joy, it can be a Reiki class or a cooking class, take a holiday on a whim or call an old friend we have not seen in years. The universe only cares about the vibratory signature we emit when we are this happy.

If daily activities include tasks such as cleaning the house, meeting deadlines and cooking for a family of six, invite yourself to do some (or all) of these things with as much joy and presence as possible and do some small activities that bring you peace. It can be as simple as spending quiet time for 15 minutes.

At the end of the day, it’s not about what we do or how we do it. It is a question of knowing if we can allow ourselves to intervene on what we really are and to declare boldly and with love our authenticity to the world. No vibration in the universe is more powerful than our energy when it becomes an extension of our divine vocation.




Your call is your own creation.

Our soul has chosen a certain mission before birth, but by the time we become fully aware of what we are and wake up to the creator, we are no longer tied to any predetermined path that we have planned for ourselves before to enter this physical body.

The more we are aware of our true essence and our connection to the divine source, the more empowered we become, and the more we can claim the gift of free will that finally allows us to exercise our birthright as a conscious creator of to be, to do, and to have something that our soul desires.

To do this, we must first free ourselves from everything that limits us. Limits can take the form of fear such as fear of uncertainty or change, fear of lack or even fear of success. Limitations can also be expressed as endless excuses ranging from “I have a full-time job without time or money” to “I’m too old to do it”. In addition, limitations appear as powerless beliefs, including “There is not enough for everyone” or “I am not special enough”.

When we wake up, we become aware that we are the one we say to be, and what we create and how we want to live in life depends on one thing and one thing only, our choice.

It’s time to free your will and write your own destiny. There is nothing written in the stars that predefine what you are and what you can become. Once all the parts and cells of your body are aligned with this inner knowledge, you will awaken the divine power of the creation you inherited. This power lives in you and waits patiently for you to call it.

It does not matter if you do not know your call. If you could start from a blank slate and create everything you wanted in life without limits from that moment, who would you be? What would you create?

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