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50 New Symptoms and Signs of Spiritual Awakening

You are awakening, recovering contact with your soul and with your true self.

In this article, you can find a list of new (up-to-date) symptoms of Spiritual Awakening that we, first of all, have experienced or are experimenting with.

I am sure that among you there will be people who have experienced some of these symptoms: do not be alarmed, therefore, since they are the normal consequence of your change. You are only waking up!


Table of Contents

1. Sleeping habits

You can not sleep continuously, you wake up often, feel warm feet. You feel tired when you wake up or even during the day, you wake up every 2 or 3 hours, then go back to sleep. Some feel the need to sleep less, others longer than usual. Later, you could experience waves of energy through the Crown Chakra… a good feeling.

Over time your body will get used to the new rhythms, take advantage of your insomnia to do something creative like walking in the middle of nature or just listen to the silence.


2. Sudden overwhelming emotions

Suddenly you feel sad or angry, happy and then without warning the opposite, without control.

A swing of strong emotions. You often feel a sense of oppression, anxiety at the height of the heart chakra, at the center of your chest.


3. The past and the known people with whom you need to ‘do a job’ in order to progress, seem to come back in your life. 

Or maybe you need to do some work on yourself about creativity, abundance, love, addictions, etc., and these are the people who are on your way to progress.


4. Activities at the apex of the head

Itching, tingling spread to the area of the head and or even along the spine. You can feel a kind of energetic volcano spurting at the top of your head, or even the feeling of being filled with energy through sparks.

Or a sense of pressure at the crown chakra or as if someone slipped the fingers into the center of the head.


5. Change in body structure

Some people gain weight, others lose weight. We often get fat because of our fears that are coming to the surface after we’ve repressed them and react by building barriers.


6. The senses are amplified

There are perceptions, increased sensitivity, and skills.


7. Modified eating habits

Suddenly there are different tastes, some are unappetizing and others are bingeing.


8. A wide range of physical manifestations

Headaches, backache, neck, chest, change in sexual desires, heart arrhythmias or accelerated pulsations, involuntary movements or vocalizations.

Old conditions or discomforts stored in childhood reappear.


9. It is possible to look younger

You clean up on an emotional level and you are free of limiting patterns and beliefs and of the past, you are lighter. Your frequency is higher.

You love yourself more and life, and you return to be a perfect and special being in its uniqueness.


10. Rashes

Acne, pimples… rage produces rashes around the mouth and chin.


11. Food intolerances, new allergies

Your spiritual growth makes you more sensitive to what surrounds you, and your body tells you what it no longer tolerates. You should detoxify yourself.


12. Overheating or sudden cooling of every cell in your body

A temporary but annoying sensation.


13. Changes in praying or meditating

Difficulty in concentrating, one no longer has the same profound experience.


14. Episodes of intense energy that make you hyperactive and eager to do anything

Followed by a lethargic and fatigue period, where you do not want to do anything, followed by another cycle of activities, etc.


15. Very realistic dreams

Sometimes they seem so real that you wake up confused. You can control dreams, make dreams premonitory or send you a message, sometimes spiritual.

Other dreams you know that they are real and that you are not dreaming!

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16. Events that completely modify the course of your life

Changes in the workplace, loss of home, illness, divorce, traumatic events, sometimes more things combined together.


17. A desire to escape from stressful situations or from negative people

You will feel suffocated by conventions, by work. You need to find yourself, now! You want to be free to be who you really are, to express yourself creatively, to cut with people and things that you no longer need.


18. Mental and emotional confusion

Feel the need to get out of your life, feel a sense of lack, but at the same time, you are unable to focus on the problem.


19. Introspection, loneliness, and loss of interest in socializing activities

People who are normally extroverted, by surprise, will find themselves wanting loneliness and seeking ever less frequently the places of sociability.


20. Often there are flashes of genius and creativity

Music, art, ideas or anyway creative inspirations.


21. One has the perception that time accelerates

You can have this perception because the changes introduced into your life are numerous and new. Dividing your days into pressing appointments could increase your perception of the sense of accelerating time. You can always stop for a moment to relax.


22. Sense of anxiety

It seems to you… you have the feeling that something is about to happen.


23. Impatience

You can not wait to meet what comes along your way.


24. Search for meanings, answers, spiritual connections and revelations

Some atheists or non-believers, suddenly, for the first time in their lives, feel an urgent spiritual need. At this stage, one realizes that the material world does not satisfy all kinds of needs.


25. You feel somewhat different

In a somewhat disturbing way, everything in your life seems new and altered. The best is yet to come!


26. Masters appear, everywhere

In perfect timing, in sync with your need for help on your spiritual journey: people, books, films, Nature, etc. Just what you need to learn the lesson and move on.


27. You have spiritual enlightenment that reaches the deepest levels of your consciousness.

Suddenly you look at everything from a new perspective that you have never considered. Feel the desire to understand more, to learn more. Read, share, inform yourself, ask and deepen.


28. You are moving towards learning to know the self and absolute peace.


29. Invisible Presences

Many testify to perceive invisible presences during the night, I have the sensation of being touched or hearing voices. Often during sleep, they are awakened, others feel the body vibrate.

The vibrations are caused by a settling of the emotional sphere that makes room for the old to let the new one enter.


30. Miracles, visions, numbers, and symbols

See things that are important to you, such as the repetition and musicality of numbers in your life. Everything has a message if you take the time to stop and watch!


31. Increased moral integrity

You realize that it is time for you to tell your truths. Suddenly you feel the need to be more authentic, more true, sincere.

You could say no to the people that you liked in the past, you might find it unbearable to continue that work or marriage, relationships that do not support your true self and that do not represent you. Sincerity becomes the focus of every relationship.


32. Harmony with the seasons and the natural cycles

You are more in tune with the lunar cycles and the natural phases. You are more attentive to your environment, you feel a sense of strong connection to the earth.


33. Mechanical and electrical malfunctions

When you are near, the microwave freezes, the computer goes into tails etc.

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34. Many small miracles happen and you feel an increase of synchronic events.


35. An increase in intuitive abilities and altered states of consciousness

You think of someone and he appears. You find yourself catapulted into a sudden memory, experiences of exiting the body or other physical phenomena. Intensified sensitivity and knowledge.


36. Communication with spirits

Contact with spirit guides, angels or other divine entities. Channeling of feelings, inspirations, and reception of information through writing, painting, ideas, etc.


37. A sense of communion with everyone

Unconditional love that serves to reach a higher level of conscience and joy.


38. Moments of joy and blessing

A profound and fulfilling sense of peace and the certainty of never being alone.


39. Integration

You have become and are becoming stronger spiritually, psychologically, physically. You feel aligned with your best ‘I’.


40. Finally knowing your purpose, your mission in life

Finally, you have understood who you are and what you do here and why. Now you are ready to receive new talents and gifts, especially healing ones.

Your life and work experiences are converging and starting to make sense, you can finally start using them all.

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41. You feel closer to everything that lives, people, animals, and plants

Animals are more like people for you now, they do not scare you like before, plants react better and are more prosperous than ever.

Some of them may have messages for you.


42. See beings of other dimensions

The veil that divides the dimensions is much thinner now… stay in your sovereignty, do not be afraid.

Now you are also much stronger, if you are afraid, ask your spirit guides to help you, before falling asleep.


43. See the real form of a person or see the loved one with another face (past life or parallel life).


44. The manifestation of your desires is faster and more efficient than ever.


45. Memory loss, temporal voids

The right hemisphere of your brain (the creative one) is developing and with it your psychic abilities, your intuitive knowledge, your empathy, and your feelings, your visions.

To allow the right hemisphere to develop, one must doze the left one, which usually has the upper hand and governs us.


46. Stunning sense, when you are disconnected

It is a normal settling stage.


47. Falling, breaking bones, having accidents: lacking balance both in the body and in life. 

Or it is a message that your body throws at you to tell you to slow down, stop you to consider some aspects of your life or cure certain old wounds.


48. Palpitations.


49. Faster growth of nails and hair.


50. Desire to meet your soul mate.


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