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9 Signs that Prove You Are on the Path to True Spiritual Enlightenment

Spiritual enlightenment is something that means many things and differs a little from each one of us. Of course, the subject, in general, can be confusing, but once you have finally felt enlightenment, everything will begin to make sense.

For those who do not know enlightenment by definition, it is the act of being enlightened or conscious. You can not be enlightened and presume things about others and you can not pass judgment, this kind of thing is much more positive than you could imagine. It goes hand in hand with true understanding and compassion and should always be viewed from an angle that does not contain any preconceived notions.

Yogapedia wrote the following about enlightenment and what it is at a basic level:

Explanations of enlightenment vary by tradition. In Buddhism, enlightenment is generally perceived as an awakening to the absolute truth, which frees the enlightened individual from the cycle of reincarnation.

In Hinduism, it is described as a divine and transcendent experience. Sometimes it is described as a moment of sudden and transforming awakening, and at other times it is perceived as a more progressive process of liberation from the bond of the mind.

In terms of paths to enlightenment, different schools of yoga and philosophy prescribe different routes. For example, the classic Advaita Vedanta advocates Jnana yoga as a means of attaining enlightenment through spiritual study, while bhakti-yoga pursues enlightenment through devotion and worship of “God.”

Below, we will review some of the most obvious signs that you or perhaps a loved one could experience this kind of awakening or transition in life. Although it may seem overwhelming, you can do it. The grass on the other side is really much greener in this case.

9 signs that you are on the path to true spiritual enlightenment:



1. You are not so anxious and you can really feel at peace.

Now that you are on the same page as the universe, you are no longer afraid. Everything seems a lot quieter and you can finally relax. Peace has found you and with good reason.



2. You live a lot at the moment and are not afraid of anything.

You feared many things in the past, but now you fear almost nothing. You became aware of the work done around you and started to see how short our lives are. Tomorrow is not promised.



3. You do not allow other people’s points of view to define who you are and how you act like a human being.

9 Signs that Prove You Are on the Path to True Spiritual Enlightenment

Things that people say about you or try to make you believe are no longer allowed in your life. You have defined appropriate limits and refuse to allow anyone to cross them.

Although these connections should not have to disappear too, they are important in your progress.

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4. You feel much more intuitive than in the past.

The intuition you feel now is appreciated directly with the energies of the world. The more you work with them, the more powerful they will become.

Perhaps you should try to meditate on white light and get through it?



5. You work constantly to bring together the people who matter most to you.

You are a very kind and caring person, you want the people you love to love each other too. It’s not an easy feat and usually ends badly, but for some reason we all do it. That being said, these encounters are the bee’s knees when you’re in a good mood.



6. You are much more attracted to nature than you have ever been.

9 Signs that Prove You Are on the Path to True Spiritual Enlightenment

Nature is finally calling for you. You want to spend as much time outdoors and with your flowers as possible. Do not hesitate to take a break.



7. You are not using the mask you have always worn.

Now that you are more and more enlightened, you begin to see the mask you are wearing very clearly. From there you get rid of it, it’s a lot easier than you thought.

Maybe you could become more like the person you are without a mask.



8. You are more in tune with your emotions.

The lights placed you at a serious increase in emotional ability. Your heart is getting bigger and there is so much flooding.

In this type of situation, think about your intuition gut and your feelings as a whole.

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9. You have begun to question everything and accept the fact that answers are sometimes not found.

9 Signs that Prove You Are on the Path to True Spiritual Enlightenment

Sometimes we can not find the answers we are looking for and there is nothing wrong with that. Life does not offer us everything and even when we think we are at the top of our own “world”, things collapse.

The reality is hitting a lot harder than anyone could imagine.

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