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What is an Empath and are You One? Here are the 24 Signs

You are very sensitive, you are very generous and you often feel to give to others, you are always ready to meet the needs of others. You have the impression of absorbing the feelings, thoughts and pain of others, you have a hard time distinguishing your emotions from those of others, resulting in extreme anxiety and emotional burden. You need time alone, especially in nature. If you recognize yourself in these characteristics… keep reading!

What differentiates empaths is their above-average level of empathy and the ease with which they can relate to others’ feelings.

An empath is a person who has an extraordinary, almost paranormal ability to feel and absorb the emotions and energies of the people they meet and even places.

The empaths are very intuitive. They use their intuition to understand the world around them. They often internalize the feelings of others without knowing it and they interpret these feelings as being theirs at an extremely deep level so it is hard to be aware of them.

For empaths, an apparently regular day can become painful, as absorbing energies can be very exhausting.


Being an empath is not a curse.

You can learn and grow from relationships with others. You can influence without manipulating and guiding others positively. You can recognize the emotional reactions of people depending on the situation and know how to adapt accordingly. You can develop your motivation and enthusiasm to do things.

You can have better communication and exchanges. You can effectively manage conflicts. you can manage your stress levels. You know how to be positive, constructive or creative, even in problematic situations.


24 signs that you are an empath:


  1. You are perceived as very sensitive.
  2. You have a strong intuition, you can “read” people and situations.
  3. Crowded places are hard for you.
  4. The strangers tell you about their emotions.
  5. You absorb the emotions of others even when they are not ready for you.
  6. You are very curious and attracted by spirituality and metaphysics.
  7. You are attracted to ancient cultures.
  8. You are naturally curious about your history and your ancestral lineage.
  9. You feel like you know the truth (and you’re often right).
  10. You can not tolerate social news, radio, television, newspapers, violence or cruelty.
  11. You are attracted to holistic, natural and metaphysical healing.
  12. You are creative and curious.
  13. You need regular solitude.
  14. You are bored and distracted easily.
  15. You like nature and animals.
  16. You feel the energy of the food you consume.
  17. You notice the synchronicities.
  18. You love and help the underprivileged and the excluded.
  19. You can not tolerate injustice.
  20. You like freedom, travel, and adventure.
  21. You are an old soul. Read Also: 9 Signs that Indicate that You are an Old Soul
  22. You can not tolerate narcissism.
  23. You may be wrongly perceived as moody, distant or disconnected.
  24. You do not have many close friends.


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