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Finding Feathers? Different Colours Carry Different Messages

Do you ever find feathers along your path? To me, this happens all the time: in the mountains, in front of the door, among the flowers, on the street… This has always intrigued me, both because the Native Americans considered them sacred objects connected to the “Great Spirit”, and also for their symbology connected to the world of Spirits and Angels.

I have always found them in particular moments when I felt a bit ‘downcast or I had to pay attention to some events. Depending on the color we can understand their messages. Here is a brief guide.


Each Feather has a Different Meaning According to its Color


White feathers

They remind us that we must continue to have faith, that the Angels protect us and everything will be fine. Sometimes they indicate that the Spirit of the people we love (especially if they disappeared recently) has happily passed into the afterlife.


Black feathers

Ensures protection in adverse times. They indicate that you are a special person, able to grasp the messages of the subtle, spiritually wise and with the gift of vision.


Brown feathers

Indicate that you have correctly balanced the energies on the physical and spiritual level. Your home is protected from external negativity and economic worries are destined to end.


Black and gray feathers

They ask to restore inner peace through meditation and the conscious choice of positive thoughts. Indicate that we will have to wait patiently for the situation that is close to our heart.


Green feathers

Means your health is protected, as well as financial matters. Indicate that you will have to pay attention to seize new opportunities. If you receive love it is because you bring it into the lives of others.


Red feathers:

They remind us to live life with passion, energy, enthusiasm and indicate that we will have the courage to fight the difficulties. A further message could be: the healing of the wounds of the heart is near.


Orange feathers:

Indicate that you are creative and able to bring joy to the lives of others. They invite you to listen to your emotions and your inner voice. You will make useful knowledge for the future.


Blue feathers:

Indicate that you need calm and tranquility, a period of reflection. They invite to listen to the spirit, to rebalance the use of words.


Yellow feathers

Remember that it is important to stay focused in order to fulfill your desires. If you find them after a dark moment then it means that you are fully assisted by divine energy and rebirth is upon us.


Pink feathers

They are a sign of unconditional love. They remember that divine love can only fill our lives if we allow it. Love matters are protected but only if we listen to the voice of the heart.


Purple feathers

Indicate that you will succeed in carrying out a positive spiritual transformation and you will become wiser. Negative emotions will be wiped out allowing you to evaluate life more clearly. Psychic skills in development.

Finally, if you find a feather that contains two or more colors together, help yourself with this guide to consistently combine the different messages.

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