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10 Helpful Methods to Make an Introvert Happy

Most of us think that introverts are just a group of people who cannot enjoy their time and their lives. Others think they are extremely attractive people. For some, introverts are a group of pathetic people who cannot do anything different than spending the weekend at home. Which makes us pity them.

But who are they? Introverts are unique, just like the things they love and hate doing. If you’re dating an introvert, you may already be wondering why they don’t like most of the things you want them to do, and vice versa.

Discover 10 tips to make an introvert happy:



1. Understand them:

Introverts are mysterious people and they have a very complex character. This makes it difficult to understand and read them correctly. It is difficult for them to express their feelings and they feel oppressed to act as others wish. Imagine inviting an introverted friend or partner to an event that requires socializing.

Of course, they would not want to upset you and they will try to act normal and happy. But deep down, they may wish to be alone and comfortable at home instead of being surrounded by people. So, in order to make your introverted friend happy, learn to understand them, and know what they feel comfortable doing.




2. Have deep and meaningful conversations with them:

Small talk and gossip are the two things an introvert will never appreciate. If you really want to please them, meaningful and deep conversations are essential. There is nothing more enjoyable than exchanging thoughts and learning new things.

That said, introverts don’t like being with people they don’t know. It just makes them uncomfortable and even anxious. They prefer to spend the whole evening chatting in-depth with a friend rather than rubbing shoulders with strangers.




3. Understand that they aren’t lonely:

Even if they like to be alone, introverts are not necessarily alone. They simply prefer to be in their own business and even work alone rather than being around a group of people. In most cases, they need their personal space to focus and be productive.

As mentioned earlier, when introverts are alone, they are able to give their best, to focus, and to concentrate on their tasks. So if you’re working with an introvert, give him space to see him do his best.

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4. They only make lifetime friendships:

Keep in mind that the worst enemy of introverts is socialization. So if they give you time and let them know that they consider you a friend, know that you mean a lot to them and that they really want to be friends.

Introverts know the true value of their friends and appreciate their presence and they rely on them a lot. They may not have many friends, but these few are really important to them.




5. They must have alone time after socializing:

Introverts must socialize and be around people in order to accomplish daily tasks and work. And it can be very exhausting and consumes most of their energy, especially in a world full of extroverts.

And because they struggle to survive every day, you have to learn to give your introverted friend their daily space. They must be alone to relax and unwind. Not having time alone can make them feel physically and mentally exhausted.




6. They love being around other introverts:

10 Helpful Methods to Make an Introvert Happy 2Introverts don’t hate making new friendships, they’re just too selective and their standards are high when it comes to making new friends. They prefer to have introverted friends, with whom they can avoid socializing, rather than having extroverted friends.

Introverts don’t like activities that involve socialization, so they always expect their friends to be the same or just understand their needs even if they are extroverted.

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7. They dislike noisy places:

As mentioned earlier, introverts appreciate their personal space and appreciate the silence in order to focus and give the best of themselves. They are not talkative and prefer not to engage in meaningless conversations.

They may not talk too much, but when they do, you will find that they make sense and think well before speaking. You will certainly enjoy a deep conversation with an introvert more than with an extrovert.




8. They need friends that support them:

Introverts have a hard time talking about their feelings; they can sometimes struggle. In fact, they never have the guts to do it unless they really trust the other person.

They only trust people who support and understand them completely. People who give them all their time to listen to them when they want to talk about something.




9. They react slowly but deeply:

Introverts tend to be very slow when it comes to reactions. They might need more time than extroverts to answer questions, for example. But that doesn’t mean they don’t know the answers.

The truth is that they have to take enough time to think about things before they say it. They plan very well what to say and they don’t like to work under pressure, so they need more time than normal people to do certain tasks, even if they are simple.

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10. They put their heart in everything they do:

Introverts tend to never give time to something that doesn’t really interest them. If they have something in mind, they do it with passion and love.

Even if some things can take too long, they don’t rest until they reach their goals and ambitions. They like to work in peace and the results are worth it.



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