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5 Long-lasting Struggles You May Experience if You Grew up in a Toxic Environment

Growing up in a toxic house with a toxic family is never a good experience for anyone who has to live there. Growing up in a toxic family environment requires you to learn to overcome many things, but that does not teach you to manage your own emotions properly.

Toxic family members do a lot more damage to you than you probably think. They break you over and over again and if you can’t find the strength to cut them, they will continue to do so until you are literally in your grave. There is no end unless you make one yourself by removing these people from your life and continuing in the best way you know.

If you are someone who grew up in a toxic family, you know that to feel things like anger, sadness or anything else, you have to hide it. You couldn’t speak freely for fear of what might happen.

Because of this and all that you have had to face, you are most likely going through things even now. A toxic childhood will continue until adulthood. You will encounter specific difficulties because of what you have experienced.

Below, we will go over some of the things that you may with in life because of your childhood. Some of these things will be easier to manage than others, but they will all prove to be quite a daunting task. Going forward will come with a lot of inner turmoil.

5 difficulties you most likely encounter if you grew up in a toxic family environment:



1. You have a problem with maintaining self-value:

When you grow up thinking that you don’t matter, you’re going to have a problem with your self-value or self-worth.

You think that because someone else doesn’t like you, you shouldn’t value yourself.




2. You can’t set healthy boundaries:

You don’t know how to say no or push people away. You let people walk all over you and it won’t do you any good in the long run.

You have to find your voice and set boundaries.

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3. You have trouble sharing your feelings with others:

You may find it difficult to share your emotions with even those who ask you to because you don’t know how.

You are not as used to expressing yourself as some people. Things like that are not easy for you.




4. You have a tendency to be more anxious than others:

You tend to be anxious most of the time. When a situation becomes tense or bothers you, you feel it more than most of the others.

Even in some of the simplest situations, you get quite nervous.

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5. You find it hard to trust people:

You can’t let people in, even if you want to. When it comes to trusting others, you don’t know who to trust.

You are used to the fact that those who matter most always disappoint you.



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