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7 Signs that Indicate You are Starting to Live in the Fifth Dimension

“Dimensions are not places or locations, but levels of consciousness that vibrate at a certain pace. The more we vibrate, the more we consciously develop dimensions. ”

What does it mean to go from a third consciousness to the fifth dimension?

We could say that this change is like a massive update of your entire operating system. It’s like moving from Human Consciousness 3.0 to Galactic Consciousness 12.0.

When we are ready to go beyond the 3rd dimension, we must cross the 4th dimension before we can enter the 5th. The 4th acts as a purifying filter, because it is the area of the heart filled with love, unity, and lightness. The fifth dimension is even lighter in frequency, having a purer love, a cosmic consciousness, and a true multidimensional reality.

We will be inside this photon zone for the next 2000 years, resulting in a massive shift in consciousness for the whole of humanity. Everyone on our planet will move from 3D consciousness to an “enlightened reality” of the 5th dimension.

The change will bring humanity into the age of Aquarius in a unified harmonious world working together in peace. It will occur as a very slow rate of digestibility, easy to assimilate and integrate.

If you are willing to remain confident, in love and to reach your highest peak, you will rise naturally and you will open yourself to live the 5th dimension consciousness with joy and ease without effort.



7 Signs that Indicate You are Starting to Live in the Fifth Dimension



Your daily life will be filled with feelings of joy, lightness, love, and wonder

The 4th and 5th dimensions are like a major improvement of your operating system and your DNA material. It’s as if your mind-body is working inside the newest, fastest computer that runs smoothly at the speed of light!

This will help if you restart it (meditate, exercise and vegetarian/raw diet), which will make your body and mind much more stable, expansive, creative mind, clear memory, and a simpler life. generally.

If you enter the world in 4D or in the 5th dimension, you will feel very spacious and light. You will be open to the trust of the flow without constant effort of life at every moment. A real sense of wonder and excitement will be in you about your life, as this natural lightness will help you to welcome new opportunities with true love and gratitude at every moment.



The big negative problems that you carry will be easier and will disappear more quickly

Everyone is here to learn the lessons that the soul has come to learn. You will also learn to give up, drop your negativity, your littleness, your helplessness, your incompetence and the poverty of your consciousness. You will leave all your old luggage that you have been carrying forever!

This is the only way to enter these 4D and 5D worlds of superior vibrations that are full of confidence, lightness, laughter, and love.

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You will physically experience the world as being more beautiful with your senses

The colors of the world will be brighter, you will see a wider range of colors, which may appear as “hippie” colors in the rainbow.

When you are more emotional, the colors will be even more beautiful and their vibration happy. When you meet people who are also living in the 5th dimension, it may give you such a feeling of happiness that you will have tears of joy.

You will be able to hear the divine song of creation, the music of the spheres, the eternal OM and the sound of silence. You will be able to listen to an orchestra of light playing constantly in the background, bringing tears of joy to your heart.



Time will appear fluid, eternal and illusory

You will move like the water of an event and a life experience to another. There will be no judgment or discomfort as to how or why things are done that way. You will realize that you are not the maker and that these things are done through you.

The vision of time in 3D will seem useless because you will understand that there is no end to this life. You will know that you are an eternal being who can not die and who is all-powerful. You will realize that when your life in this body is gone, you will continue to live forever. You will know it without a doubt.

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You will constantly have inexplicable synchronized experiences and “miraculous” manifestations that will occur regularly.

Incredible synchronicities will occur daily. The Universe will talk to you constantly, giving you “signs” to know where to go and what to do. You will have the impression of being in a miraculous journey in a magical world where anything is possible!

When your third eye is fully open, you will begin to see through this 3D dimension as well as the 4th and 5th. This means you can start seeing lights, gates or layers of energy in the sky or maybe directly on your kitchen table. As the veil between dimensions becomes thinner, you will see more and more what is really around you.

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You will know and you will feel divinely guided by something higher than your own mind/imagination

When your mind begins to calm down, you will be able to hear your guide from the other dimensions. This may come from angelic guides, spiritual guides, past ancestors or beings on a higher plane who will show you the way home.

As you move forward, you will see that you have many beings in higher dimensions around you all the time.



You will be able to access the miraculous powers of your true multidimensional body

As time and space are illusions, and all matter is only energy and consciousness, and you are made of the same things as everything around you, you will be able to manifest the most amazing things in your world. mind.

You will be able to learn to cross a solid surface with your hand, levitate physically above the ground, move objects with your mind, bi-locate, be in 3 or more places at the same time, and experience everything you imagine.

Advanced beings will even help you travel with your body to other worlds and dimensions. You will enter the sphere of your existence, which means that you will be able to go into any event of your life, past or future instantly and experience what you want to experience.

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    Goodmorning, I want to take a moment out of my day and day Thankyou to the person who took time out of there life to write this article. It helped me a lot to understand me and that I am ok. I have tried to hide from my feelings ect and this last year all the things hurt I forgot.yes if someone brings them up I can now talk more as ease about it all.

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