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12 Fail Proof Ways to Bring Out the Best in You

12 ways to affirm yourself. 12 ways to express your personality. 12 ways to look inside yourself and bring out the best in you:


1) Be authentic. Be yourself.

 Judy Garland said: “Always be the original version of yourself rather than someone else’s draft.” Try to set your life with this invitation in mind. 

Living just by imitating others will not take you very far and, above all, will not allow you to fully express your authentic personality. Do not limit yourself to survive: live fully every moment of your existence.


2) Concerned about people. 

Taking care of the wellbeing of the people around you is one of the main ways to bring out the best part of you. The more you help others, the greater your feeling of well-being. 

You will feel the neighbor even closer and the others will be even more ready to take care of you.


3) Make others feel good.

Love and kindness are the keys to enlighten your relationship with others. People do not forget what you do for them, they do not forget the state of mind that you are able to provoke with your words, your actions, your closeness. 

The other is your chance to make the world an even better place. Your every action that has a positive impact on others will make your existence even brighter.


4) Be honest and take responsibility for your actions.

Nobody likes liars. Always express what you feel, share your thoughts with others without fear, without the anxiety of having to look interesting at any cost. 

Act on the basis of what your heart suggests to you and defend your choices, take responsibility for your actions and always be willing to recognize your mistakes when you commit them.


5) Smile often.

Everyone likes to admire a sincere smile. Think about when you happen to observe a stranger smiling from the bottom of the heart. Suddenly it seems so close, it no longer looks like a stranger, does it? 

Do not skimp on your smiles, give them to anyone who crosses your path, you will help to make the day of many people better.


6) Respect the neighbor.

Respect the older ones. Respect the little ones. Respect anyone. There are no categories, classes or denominations to identify people worthy of respect. 

Treat your neighbor with the same level of respect, love, and kindness that you would like others to use towards you. Your attitude will not go unnoticed at all.


7) Say “Please” and “Thank you”.

They are two rather simple sentences and of always extraordinary effectiveness. These two simple phrases have the magical power to soften the tone of each conversation and to bring the channels of a confrontation, even hard, into the tracks of benevolence and mutual respect. 

Using these expressions can mark the difference between being rough and being genuinely close to our interlocutor.


8) Congratulate on those who deserve it.

Get out of the sphere of your individuality and look at what you are able to accomplish others. Expose yourself and recognize the merits of those close to you, encourage the other to pursue on the road to success, regardless of the meaning you wish to acknowledge to this term.

 There is no person who does not love to listen to how much others appreciate the good work you have done.


9) Speak clearly and look the other in the eye.

Very often it is easy to distance yourself from others with the excuse of being incompatible or having problems with each other. In every meeting, in every contact with others, try to speak in clear terms and to express your thoughts completely. 

Put yourself in the perspective of others, be direct and keep eye contact with your interlocutor. Make sure your message has been received, otherwise work to illustrate it in different terms.


10) Make yourself available.

Make sure that others can approach you easily, be available to others when they need you. If you are not available to those who need your help and your presence, you will soon be forgotten. 

Always adopt an open, positive and tolerant attitude and keep an open line of communication with the people around you.


11) Be part of something you believe in.

It can be anything. Some people take an active role in the city council of their city, in a religious organization, a sports group or a humanitarian association. 

Find your passion, something to believe in, and dedicate yourself totally. This involvement, this passion, inevitably brings with it happiness, deep meaning and sense of belonging.


12) Defend your values ​​without trying to impose them.

Your values ​​identify you and represent you. What you believe in is an opportunity to affirm the feelings and emotions that you have decided to make the foundation of your life. Do not ignore them. Defend your values, express openly, baptize for them, but always stay open to new ideas and new perspectives. 

Do not try to impose your thinking, strive to be authoritative, not authoritarian. It is the only way to break through the heart and mind of others.

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