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9 Things You Need to Start Taking Care off Today

“It’s not the years of your life that count, but how much life is there in your years.”  – Abraham Lincoln


1. Start taking care of your happiness.

In order to live fully and fully our existence, it is essential to get busy to make others happy, but before that, you have to start to make yourself happy.

Your needs matter profoundly. Sometimes we get lost and live our lives trying to meet someone else’s expectations, or trying to do things only for the purpose of impressing those around us.

Instead, try to live, act and love so that you are happy, which does not at all mean adopting a selfish mentality. Remember, you can take care of your needs and take care of those around you at the same time.

And once your needs are met, you will probably be much more able to help those who need you.


2. Start taking care of your dreams.

If you want to know where your heart is, watch your mind when it wanders between dreams, aspirations, and desires.

As Steve Jobs once said: ” Your time is limited, so do not waste it by living someone else’s life. Do not be trapped by dogmas, which means living with the results of other people’s thoughts. Do not let the noise of others’ opinions cloud your inner voice, your heart, and your intuition. Somehow they know what you really want to become. Everything else is secondary. 


3. Start taking care of how you invest your time each day.

A tomorrow may not be there. It is a simple and brutal truth, it begins to live with this awareness. At this moment, someone on Earth is planning something for tomorrow, without knowing that there will not be a tomorrow for him.

Then start spending your time wisely and occasionally stop long enough to appreciate the present. Remember, what you do every day is more important than what you do once in a while. Keep in mind what really matters to you and dedicate as much time as possible.

Pursue your dreams and aspirations and every day you do something that brings you closer to your goals. And do not stop, keep going on every day. Every little step will be an approach to the goal.


4. Start taking care of how you think and what you think.

Whenever you have the chance, try to pay attention to your thinking. Where does your mind wander in moments of tranquility? What do you think when you’re sad or angry? Begin to become aware that not only can you observe your thoughts, but you can also decide from which perspective to observe the reality that surrounds you.

Try to make positive thinking a daily practice, which does not mean deceiving or making fun of yourself, but rather choosing to favor an optimistic and positively oriented view rather than victimization or self-pity.

Often the easiest way to be really happy is to change the way we think.


5. Start taking care of how you treat yourself.

Your relationship with yourself is the closest, narrowest and most important relationship you have. When was the last time someone told you to love you just the way you are?

When was the last time someone told you that you did a good job, or that took you somewhere, simply because he knew you were feeling happy when you were there? When was the last time this ‘someone’ was you?

The way you treat yourself and take care of your needs sets the standard for others. You must love what you are or no one else will.


6. Start taking care of how you treat others. 

Live in such a way that when people think of you, the people around you think of an honest, loyal person who they can trust blindly. Start paying attention to what you like about others and do not hesitate to tell them.

Manifest sincere appreciation for the people you have close, make them notice what you really like in them, do not fail to highlight their qualities.

Help others realize their dreams, encourage them to pursue their goals and support them in the face of bankruptcy. Exult with them of their successes and offer words of comfort at the right time.


7. Start taking care of how others treat you.

Choose your relationships and your acquaintances with wisdom and attention. Being alone will make you experience much less loneliness than a wrong relationship.

If you do not take care of yourself and leave people close to you who treat you badly and you like it, then it means you are self-sabotaging. Life is too short to spend your time with people sucking happiness and energy away from you.

Love the people who treat you well and distance yourself from those who do not.


8. Start taking care of all the wonderful things you have right now.

Learn to appreciate the things you have right now rather than regretting what you had and no longer have or desperately want what you do not have.

No matter how beautiful you really are in your life, try to wake up every day grateful for what you have. Instead of thinking about what you’re missing, start being grateful for the wonderful people and the extraordinary things that are already present in your life.

Take care of it, appreciate it and do not make the mistake of taking it for granted.


9. Start taking care of this extraordinary moment that we call ‘life’.

Your whole life has led you to this precise moment. Think about it for a moment. Every single action, every thought and every gesture you have made up to date has led you to this specific moment.

This moment is all you have and everything that matters in this exact moment. This moment is priceless, and it is the moment guaranteed only to you. This moment is your ‘life’. Do not miss it, mulling over what has been or worrying about what it is.

Happiness is here and now.

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