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9 Ways to Access Your Intuition to Make Important Decisions

Intuition, also called instinct, premonition, refers to a deep capacity that we all have deep inside.

The word intuition comes from the Latin word intueri, meaning “to contemplate” or “to look inside”. We live in a society where we tend to trust only our rational mind or the external advice of others instead of learning to watch and listen to our intuition – which can quickly lead us astray.

Many scientists today define intuition as the highest form of intelligence. It is increasingly seen as a legitimate means of making judgments and decisions.

Intuition is like the “GPS of the soul “, it can help us discover our life goal, make wise decisions and lead a more fulfilling life.

It is a sudden and inexplicable feeling that arises in us. Intuition is a mysterious force that guides, protects and informs us. The information we receive from our intuition is generally not available in our conscious mind and therefore comes from the unconscious.

Intuition is an incredibly powerful tool – a natural gift from our biology that is ready and available to everyone. However, we often ignore it or forget it. However, there are many advantages when we learn to listen to it.

It can help us in any area of ​​our life. For example:



1. It reveals deep truths.

It helps us to develop a deeper understanding. Thanks to it, we feel better guided in our thoughts, feelings and decisions.




2. Intuition helps us to identify negative omens.

Failure, financial collapse, death, emotional threat – intuition puts us in touch with our instinctive defense systems, helping us avoid damage.




3. It opens new paths for us.

It helps us identify the positive signs in our lives and opens new doors for us when we least expect it.

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4. Intuition guides us and helps us make wise decisions.

It helps us to achieve some confidence and peace of mind, helping us to follow paths that are true to our hearts.




5. Intuition helps us live a fulfilling life.

It is a carrier of truth, and therefore a carrier of change and transformation. When we listen to it, we make decisions that ultimately help us lead authentic, fulfilling lives.

Intuition is an essential life skill that we must learn to refine and develop as soon as possible. Without it, we can find ourselves stuck in labyrinths of rigid, restless, or obsessive thoughts that limit our ability to see clearly.

When we listen to our intuition, we feel clarity that it helps us make more beneficial choices.


Here are 9 ways to access your intuition to make important decisions:




1. Silence your mind:

Often our mind tends to divert our decision-making process. While it is important to use rational thinking, your usual thinking is often prone to prejudice, past beliefs, external influences, and fear.

To access your intuition, you need to clear your mind. To do this, meditate, listen to relaxing music, or focus on conscious breathing. It is very difficult to listen to your intuition when you are under stress.

Try any practice that relaxes and calms your mind. You will only be able to access your intuitive power precisely when you are calm and focused.




2. Ask yourself, “How do I feel about this decision?”:

When you have relaxed your mind and body, ask yourself internally, “How do I feel about this decision?” Notice the first sensation, word or image that comes to you.




3. Focus on the sensations of your body:

Our bodies can never lie. No matter what elaborate stories or theories we concoct, our bodies will always reveal the truth.

To connect to your intuition, try to listen to your body. Think about the decision you need to make and focus on your body’s response.

For example, if you want to quit your job, you may notice a sense of relief flooding your entire body (which is a sign that you have to quit your job).




4. Find out if fear is fueling you:

The fear is cunningly disguised as intuition. When we are afraid, we tend to make reckless decisions or to believe that we “follow our intuition” because of the strength of the mental voice.

When you are faced with an important decision, try to write all of your fears about the situation on a piece of paper.

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5. Formulate your conclusion and live the two scenarios:

Find different solutions and experience each scenario mentally. Visualize each choice as clearly as possible, then pay attention to how you feel with each option.

Whichever option you find most appropriate is the choice you need to make.




6. Don’t let pressure bias your decisions:

The pressure to make a “quick decision” tends to inhibit the flow of intuition. Even though intuition can work in difficult circumstances if you can slow down, do it.

Sometimes putting decision-making in the background helps you relax, take on new perspectives, and more easily open up to the presence of your intuitive knowledge.




7. Ask for advice:

If you have trouble accessing your intuition, say a small prayer. You don’t have to be a believer to pray. Prayer is condensed energy and intention that will help you focus your will.

Prayer is a powerful way to improve your intuitive prowess.




8. Develop self-awareness:

Self-awareness is the ability to be aware of your feelings, thoughts and behaviors and how they impact you and the people around you. The more we are aware of what is going on inside us, the easier it becomes to identify the calm voice of our intuition.

Mindfulness, meditation and introspection help develop self-awareness.

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9. Open your third eye chakra:

If you believe in healing the chakras, focus on balancing your third eye chakra, which is the center of your intuitive abilities. There are many ways to unlock this third eye chakra.

By learning to silence your mind, to connect with your body, to identify the fear and to eliminate energy blockages, you will be able to more easily access your intuition and listen to its wisdom and precious advice to make important decisions and lead a more fulfilling life.



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