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8 Characteristics that Only True Spiritual Masters Have

Throughout our lives, each of us will travel our own spiritual journey, a unique and individual journey that will ultimately reveal our true and best selves. No two trips are the same, and we all progress at our own pace, which makes it difficult to spot at first glance where we can be in our own search for spiritual awakening.

Look around you. Everyone you meet is somewhere on this journey, some being more advanced than you and others planning to start. However, there are a few select inspirational people we can take as an example of what great things await us at the other end of this path. These Spiritual Masters have discovered the real peace and understanding that only enlightenment can bring.

How will you know if you meet a true spiritual master? Watch for these 8 signs:



1. They are naturally gifted teachers:

There are people in the world that you can see have been sent to Earth for the specific purpose of teaching those they meet. I don’t necessarily mean teaching mathematical equations or proper grammar.

Instead, teach important life lessons, share the truths they know deep down, and help guide others on their own spiritual journey. This can be, in some cases, so natural that they are not even aware of what they are doing at the moment.




2. They live their life based on integrity:

One of the biggest failures in our society today is our inability to stick to our morals and beliefs when it is difficult. However, this is not the case for those who have attained spiritual mastery.

They understand that their word is golden, and they aim to live a life that can only be described as “purest intention”. If something doesn’t match their morals and values, they won’t even see the idea. Their hearts and souls are aligned and guide everything they do.




3. They remain calm when facing life challenges:

Spiritual understanding is accompanied by an increased level of emotional intelligence. It is a skill that most of us would like to apply in our own lives because it would help us avoid so many difficulties, however, it takes great inner peace and self-understanding.

What am I talking about? The ability to deal with intense emotions in a non-reactive way. They do not go wild and do not act impulsively because of what they feel. Instead, by staying calm, they are able to take responsibility for what they experience personally and how they react.




4. They deeply respect the natural world:

A perspective that is so lacking in our world today. The Spiritual Masters understand that everything in the Universe is connected, each living being playing an integral role in a much larger image.

Rather than seeing the human population as better or larger, with all that is given to our use, they see everything as equal and worthy of their respect. As such, they make every effort to avoid having a negative impact on the natural world around them.

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5. They are the personification of love:

These individuals live every day with their hearts guiding the way. Their compassion and empathy goes not only to their close friend or loved ones but to everyone they meet, showing immense love and respect for each living being they meet.

When they walk through the door, they give off heat and light that instantly make everyone comfortable in the room. It is not always easy and sometimes requires great sacrifice, but they continue to do so without hesitation.




6. They are entirely authentic:

Most people avoid complete authenticity because it requires vulnerability. This refers not only to sharing one’s strengths and achievements with the world but also to its shortcomings and weaknesses. They don’t try to “create an image” or put on a mask to hide their true selves from the world.

Instead, they realize that they can only grow and evolve if they accept and embrace who they are today. Only by accepting all sides of ourselves, the good and the “not so good”, can we take steps to become the best version of ourselves, who we are meant to be.




7. They never judge:

It’s a difficult concept to understand in a world full of them, but there are people whose first reaction when coming into contact with someone is not their appearance, their understanding of the English language or the price of their clothes.

They are people who see beyond all this with an open and loving heart and soul, accepting the person who stands before them without prejudice. As we are brought up and trained to make this mistake, it will not be easy to rewire yourself, however, as you walk the path to spiritual awakening, it will come naturally.




8. They are not materialists:

It is a sign that will stand out clearly in a society obsessed with fame and fortune. They understand that life is much more than the car they drive, the beauty they own or the number in their bank account.

Freed from all the burdens that keep so many of us from attaining true spiritual enlightenment, they are able to focus our attention on what really matters. While it is certainly a more advanced lifestyle, it may seem “strange” or out of place in the world today. They don’t integrate, and yet that doesn’t seem to bother them in the least.

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