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5 Reasons Why Lightworkers May Start Doubting Themselves and Fearing the World

Every human being goes through episodes of self-doubt, hesitation, and not feeling well enough to get things done and fulfill themselves in life. Lightworkers and all others who are on the path of the spiritual awakening carry these burdens to a more intense level, resulting in confusion and paralysis. Often, they find these obstacles difficult to overcome.

However, this is still at the heart of everyone’s awakening. Although we know that as lightworkers we are more attuned to our energies and the interdependence of all beings in this universe, we could not avoid the fact that people are so harsh with us. We are constantly faced with criticism no matter how hard we try to fake ourselves just to fit in with society.

It is this “fitting in” that we find most difficult to manage. To be more “awake” than 99% of the population of this planet means to be truly different in terms of genetic frequency, perspective, and sensitivities. However, even with our advanced consciousness, we are still human. We always aspire to belong, to be mutually understood, and loved.

What brings the most pain is when our own family members fail to meet us in our current consciousness and turn out to be our worst critics. Nonetheless, when we understand the things that make us act this way and develop strategies to overcome obstacles, the journey becomes easier.

Today we share with you the 5 main causes that make every lightworker doubt themselves. Let’s take a look at the contributing factors to these self-degrading emotions and tips for overcoming them:



1. They see the human side of their mentors and spiritual leaders:

There are people we are looking up to for spiritual advice and ideas. They can be our elders, our teachers, our mentors, our religious institutions, or our respected idols. When these people are overwhelmed by their human side and intentionally tell us misleading information or spread disinformation, we start to criticize ourselves for not seeing what’s coming or for resonating with their philosophies.

We then doubt our spiritual gifts as well as our clarity, judgment, and discernment. This leads us to doubt our intuition of not seeing the truth and not making a conscious decision.

Tip number 1:

Be aware of the distinction between intuition and emotion. Just because you are emotionally attached to this person or this philosophy does not mean that your intuition is damaged. In fact, it cannot be damaged. You might just trust it less or be misled by another similar emotion like anxiety or fear.

Tip number 2:

Determine what you were told, who told you, why, and why now. Does it resonate with you because it’s convenient? Is this what you expect to hear rather than what you need to hear? What is the track record of the source?

Is it verifiable? Is the message full of fear and confusion, or is it inspiration and proactive change? And most importantly, does it resonate with your own truth? If the message contains truth, it doesn’t matter who the messenger was!




2. They believe that things must always be perfect:

One of the pitfalls of a lightworker is the idea of perfection. We tend to visualize how things should be in one or more aspects of our life, such as parenting, health, fitness, relationships, and the like. No matter how we view positive outcomes, we forget that the way we make these things doesn’t necessarily have to be the way we think they need to.

Tip number 1:

Remember that your soul is great, vast, and has powerful energies trapped in a limited physical body. No matter how great your essence is, you are in a limited mind and body.

Instead of feeling frustrated, disappointed, and below your idea of perfection, embrace these things. Know that these traps are your guides to reach your destination and find your rightful place.

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3. They pick up different frequencies:

We live in a world where frequencies of all kinds are dispersed: people, technologies, lunar cycles, solar flares, etc. We pick up on these frequencies and experience bodily symptoms of all kinds, such as headaches, allergies, insomnia, etc.

Sometimes their effect is emotional. They make us feel emotions that do not quite logically correspond to what is happening around us, such as anxiety and fear. We are confused and we start to doubt our intuition and even our emotional selves. We don’t even understand if we are sick or just crazy. The more aware we are, the greater the symptoms.

Tip number 1:

Keep a record or journal of your feelings, emotions, and symptoms. Write down when and how it happened. Then find out if it’s really yours or something you just picked up.




4. They are physically disconnected because of technology:

Technology plays a big role in society today. Alone, we are physically disconnected from others because we spend more time with this technology. When we’re with someone for a date, business meeting, or any other situation where we think we can communicate physically with others, that’s when those people are distracted by technology as well.

We crave undivided attention, but when these situations arise we feel unworthy and unwanted. We also constantly see people on social media who seemed to have perfect profiles, perfect lives, and totally happy. This is in addition to our feelings of self-doubt and self-criticism.

Tip number 1:

Be aware of how much time you spend on technology and be as objective as possible. Use technology to keep the most out of your human interactions and experiences and communicate better with others in the most authentic way.




5. They are in a twin flame/soulmate relationship:

Many people on their spiritual journey find themselves involved in twin flame relationships and deep soul connections. While this may sound ideal, others choose to stay in the “runner phase”.

The runner phase is the circumstance where one is overwhelmed by the power and connection of the relationship and is difficult to deal with in the mind, body, heart, and spirit, making this person figuratively and literally run out of the relationship. This makes the one who is waiting to resort to second-guessing, feeling depressed, anxious, and angry.

Tip number 1:

Keep in mind that these relationships are meant to inspire and strengthen you. All it takes is working it out, tearing you at first, but build you up at the end. Whether or not you have reunited on this earth plane, each other’s energies and connections are essential to each one’s journey and purpose.





Our society can be harsh, but we are harsher on ourselves, especially lightworkers. It’s because we all forget that we’re not here to save the world. We are here to save our own little worlds. We may have been here a hundred lifetimes, but every time we are here we are opening a new path for ourselves.

Lightworkers may be different from others, but they are the ones who are insightful and visionary enough to make a difference by shining with their light! No matter how much Lightworkers shine with their light, it is only when we individually find our own light in our hearts that we truly make the world a better place!

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