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12 Signs that You Have Encountered a Love of Past Life

When two souls are destined to be together, they will always find their way to each other.

In this world, we meet tons and tons of people. Some of these people are new and others are people with whom we have already had contacts.

Although there are many souls on this planet during your present manifestation, those who come from the inner circle of your past lives will be more important than others.

These people will be the ones who will stay by your side and who are there for you through all that this world offers you. As we live different lives, we grow and learn to respond to each other at the level of the soul.

Below we will review some of the signs that you may be in contact with someone from the restricted circle of your past life. If you find that you are, make sure that person knows you appreciate it. Life is short and we do not spend enough time before being forced to meet together.




1. By meeting this person, you feel as if you had met him before.

You feel like you know this person all your life, even when you have just met. The connection you have is very real. You are able to start quickly.



2. You have an instant link.

You both feel attracted to each other. The connection between you two is very present, even from the beginning of things. You just found each other.



3. This person evokes positive emotions in you without effort.

12 Signs that You Have Encountered a Love of Past Life

This person makes you feel a lot of good things. He or she exerts a positive influence on your life. You both lift up.



4. You and this person have settled everything.

You and this person do not discuss often. You get along very well. This is because you have already settled everything before you even come to this planet.



5. You have the impression that this person understands you.

You feel that this person really understands you. This person sees you for who you are, not who you seem to be. He or she can feel the truth in your being.

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6. You are very patient with this person.

You are very patient with each other. Of course, you could get upset, but you will work on it. Patience is something we tend to have more when the soul is familiar.



7. You lose the notion of time when you are together.

12 Signs that You Have Encountered a Love of Past Life

When you are with this person, it is as if time passes in hyperspeed. Every second is transformed into one minute and every minute in one hour. Before you know it, your day has completely passed.



8. This person gives you a broader perspective on things.

This person is bringing a lot to your attention. When you have trouble seeing the big picture, it will help you see it. This person really teaches you a lot in this life.



9. This person pushes you to be your best.

This person is pushing you to improve. He or she wants only the best for you. You are able to grow because of this person.



10. You trust this person without a doubt.

This person is a person of trust. You have both been on the same page since the beginning. This type of connection is hard to find.

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11. With this person, there are few challenges.

12 Signs that You Have Encountered a Love of Past Life

This person does not pose a lot of problems. You get along well together. Although there may be hangovers here and there, most of the time you are very positive for each other.



12. You both seem to know what the other thinks.

You both seem able to read each other’s thoughts. It’s as if everything this person thinks goes to your mind when you’re at his or her side.

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