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4 Ways to Deal with Spiritual Loneliness

In this material world full of consumerism and advertisements, spiritual awakening is a rare phenomenon. Spiritually awakened people often find themselves alone.

This loneliness is not of a negative nature, but the human brain always treats loneliness as “isolation” and treats it in a negative way. Here are some ways to deal with spiritual loneliness:



1. Reality itself is only a game of consciousness. It’s all a dream:

Spiritual awakening comes with the idea that everything we feel in the present is irrelevant. This means that reality is like a dream and that it will be over.

If reality is so fleeting, why should you let it affect you on a personal level? You really have to make an effort to win over reality.




2. Work out of love rather than fear:

Do not be afraid to love. Maybe you feel like you are alone and you think there are reasons why you are not nice or sympathetic or stuff like that.

The reality is that the only reason you are alone is that you are on a different path or journey in your life while those around you are still far behind you. So spread love and care and be positive about it rather than treating relationships from a point of fear or sadness.

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3. Follow the flow:

Let things happen as they are. Do not try too hard to find a company or become desperate because you are alone. Follow the rhythm and let life happen to you.

Do not worry, loneliness will teach you to be alone.




4. Seek for others:

Surely there must be others who are on the same path as you. Find them. They will surely understand you because they experienced the same problems as you and they also survived.

Do not worry, you are not alone and above all you are special! Not everyone can be what you are. Not everyone can be where you are.

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