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12 Strange Symptoms People Are Experiencing Worldwide

For some time now, people around the world have reported experiencing strange symptoms in their lives. People from all walks of life are affected, causing them to wonder if they are losing their minds. It seems that the symptoms disappear for several weeks, then reproduce, apparently in relation to the solar and cosmic activity and the preparation of the individual to reach the next level.

Deep energy adjustments seem to occur every year in the world and the planet Earth seems to be undergoing a change. The intensified solar activity has an influence on the magnetic field of the Earth and each individual.

Here are 12 strange symptoms experienced by some people around the world:


1. Disturbed sleep, and pain in the head.

Because of radiation, cell towers and smartphones in homes, people tend to develop insomnia and headaches.



2. Perception of unusual sounds.

Many people claim to have heard strange noises, such as metal, buzzing or mechanical noises. Some people have also reported that this concerns electronics, cell towers, and smartphones. But others said it was something much more spiritual.



3. Fancying chocolate or sweet foods.

Many people have sudden cravings for chocolate or sugar and it seems that this desire comes from parasites. Oregano oil would help fight parasitic activity.

Antibiotics can destroy a person’s immunity in just a few years, but oregano oil is a much more natural and safe antibiotic. People take probiotics after taking oregano oil to ensure that the bacteria balance in their stomachs does not change.



4. Sudden appetite change.

When you lose your appetite and you do not know what to eat, you just have to eat healthier foods to find the solution. You must learn to cook something new and discover which minerals and vitamins are essential to help you.



5. Increased sensitivity.

Some indicated that their sensitivity had developed. Anyone who thinks about it may have had mercury poisoning, even more so if they had silver-mercury amalgam at the dentist.



6. Intense or overlapping emotions.

People can ingest chemicals that disrupt the endocrine system and mercury or BPA can lead to waves of overlapping, conflicting or intense emotions.

On the other hand, it is considered that astrology is responsible for this feeling because the planets have an influence on people.



7. Thoughts that become reality.

Some have an instant manifestation that becomes reality. For example, they think of a word and then hear someone say that word right after. The majority of people believe that this is a coincidence, but it happens too often for this to be that.



8. Fertility problems.

People who know that foods contain cancer-causing chemicals, pesticides and preservatives believe that modified DNA can be responsible for infertility and cause strange symptoms.



9. A sensation of having a more developed sense of smell.

Some people noted that their sense of smell was intensified, but that it was not associated with anything negative, it was rather a more spiritual or human energy.



10. Technology that behaves strangely in touching it.

Some said technology works strangely in touching it. Some people believe that computer updates have an influence on some devices and slow them down.



11. Becoming aware of the waves created by technology.

Some people claim to be aware of the waves that are produced by technology, but it is not the awareness of technology that causes radiation, but rather the people who cause the symptoms.



12. Poor coordination or imbalance.

Some people say that they are unbalanced or have suffered from poor coordination and many people think that this is due to cell phone towers or smartphones in homes.


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