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20 Signs You Are Wired Differently from “Normal” People

Sometimes do you feel like you are not “integrating” yourself on this planet? Have you ever wondered why things seem so different to you, but not others?

Have you noticed strange anomalies in you that the general population does not seem to feel? This article can help you understand why.



1. You have unusual intuition:

Your intuition seems to be exacerbated compared to most “normal” people. You can sense and feel things before they happen.



2. You have body marks that look like star maps:

You can have what appears to be constellations on your body. While some may resemble constellations that are familiar to most people, others may have others that are familiar to no one but you.



3. You look/feel younger than you actually are:

Your DNA is wired differently and your body easily resists the aging process. Most people would have a hard time guessing your actual age. If your genetic coding has made you bald, your eyes will still look young.



4. You have abnormal sleep patterns:

You may have interrupted sleep throughout the night or have unusual sleep patterns than most people do.

The example I often use is to remember the times when you started falling asleep, perhaps while you were sitting on the couch. Your head swings back and forth again, instantly. When this happens to me, I will have a dream at this moment which seems to have lasted at least 3 hours.



5. You notice synchronicities every day:

20 Signs You Are Wired Differently from “Normal” People

Synchronicity can be as simple as seeing numbers like 555, 1111, 333, etc. almost every day or some other synchronous occurrence.



6. You go in and out of worlds:

Sometimes you feel like you are living in a completely different reality.



7. You remember at least one of your past lives:

One of mine came to me in a dream. The realization that you have been here before can change your whole perception of reality.

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8. You have a “connection” to UFOs or extraterrestrials:

You have seen UFOs and may have made contact with extraterrestrials.



9. You are able to learn information in the spiritual/esoteric/metaphysical genre easily and very fast:

20 Signs You Are Wired Differently from “Normal” People

You easily absorb spiritual/esoteric/metaphysical information and want it to be the type of information we learned in school instead of learning societal propaganda.



10. You are able to see things other people can’t:

This could include entities, spiritual guides, ghosts, etc.



11. You have contact with your spiritual guides or guardian angels:

You may even know the names of your spiritual guides or angels.



12. You are a natural healer:

Chances are, in a past life, you were a healer and these abilities are carried over from that past life.



13. You have allergies and food intolerances:

Your body has trouble adjusting to planet Earth. Where you come from, you have never known these food allergies and intolerances, but you see other people without them and wonder why you are different from others. You now know why … you are wired differently!



14. You are discovering your newly found skills:

The more you deepen your spiritual progression, the more you discover new abilities that you have had all your life, but that you begin to master.



15. You physically see orbs:

Many times we can see orbs on film but do you physically see orbs?



16. You are clumsy:

As multidimensional beings, you might not be used to this flesh costume which we call the physical body. It has a lot of mass and sometimes this mas causes awkwardness.

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17. You are a master manifesto:

20 Signs You Are Wired Differently from “Normal” People

This is getting easier and easier to do because we have entered the fourth dimension.



18. You receive messages from the Source:

The messages are always perfect and divine. Although we all have this ability, not everyone pays attention to it.



19. You feel weird when speaking:

Where you come from, telepathy is your usual way of communicating. It seems almost laborious to even try to speak.



20. You have experienced bouts of vertigo:

You may experience vertigo as your body improves with the influx of incoming energy.



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