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How People are Affected by the Color of Your Aura

Before we see how our auras can affect other people around us, we will make a list of the colors in which these auras can appear, along with a brief description:

Pink – giving and loving, very intuitive and sensitive to the needs of others;

Red – energetic and enthusiastic with quick tempers;

Orange – kind and good-hearted;

Yellow – good conversationalist and smart;

Blue – great communicators, very rare, very charming and very intuitive;

Green – worker, admired, creative and successful;

Purple – very intuitive and highly psychic;

Gold – see love and beauty in everything, and full of love;

White or silver – very intuitive, gifted, sensitive or practical;

Brown – selfish, negative, without self-esteem or self-confidence;

Black – angry, full of hate, dark souls and negative.

Each person has their personal energy space of almost 3 feet. However, those who have sometimes suffered some type of physical abuse will have a much larger space, around 50 feet.


People of blue aura.

Those people who have a blue aura should consider themselves very blessed. We are going to put up with every word they say. We will love to be with them and we will respect them. Their calming energy will be very well received in situations of confrontation.



People with yellow, orange, pink and red aura.

People who have their aura colored with some of these four colors are loving and fun. We will love spending time with them as they are adventurous, fun, cheerful and, what is more important, do not judge. They are kind and tolerant.

We will be attracted to them by their contagious laughter and smile. They are excellent conversationalists, and we all love good mental stimulation.



People of silver or white and gold aura.

People who have their aura colored with these colors are quite warm, intuitive, and Angelic, so we would love to be around them from the warmth and love they emit.

When we feel sad, we must be close to them because they will lift our spirits and we will feel complete and loved again.



People of green aura.

People who have their aura green are going to infect us in a very safe and not arrogant way. They have a powerful aura, particularly for those of us who want to feel optimistic about our jobs and future business. Their advice is perfect, and we admire their common sense and practicality.



People of purple aura.

People with this color of their aura are more mysterious to us, and as a result, we may feel quite intimidated by them because we are not sure how we should read them.

Even so, we are attracted to them because of their mysteriousness. In secret, we want to know more about them and understand them. However, their differences may also scare some of us.



People of black and brown aura.

When people have a black or brown aura, it means that they are negative and dark people. We’re going to feel that aura instantly, even if we’re not very sensitive or intuitive, and we can not escape the feeling of darkness and negativity around those people.

When we stay with these people for a long period of time, we will begin to feel this negativity within us. That’s why we should avoid them.


We have to remember that the auras change color every day, at any time. There will always be a predominant color that will reflect the true personality of a person. When a person has a bad day, they may have a black or brown aura. Fortunately, this happens rarely, since these two colors are not the happiest.

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