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16 Signs That You Could Be A Pleiadian Starseed

The Starseeds (literally “star seed”) are individuals who have already experienced life on other planets and in non-physical dimensions, different from the Earth. In practice, they have already reincarnated in other planes and planets before being reborn here on Earth.

The number of Starseeds on our planet right now is the highest in the whole history. This happens because we are at a very important moment from the evolutionary point of view of the planets on the galaxy, and many galactic civilizations want to witness this evolution by incarnating here to elevate the energy and help the transition, or simply to personally experience the change of paradigm of human consciousness.

Do you want to know if you are a Starseed? From the moment you were born in a very dense place and with a negative ego prevalence, it is practically impossible to really remember who you are. The following are some of the characteristics of a Pleiadian Starseed (ie that comes from the constellation of the Pleiades), which are actually the majority of the current incarnations on the planet. There are also other civilizations that have sent Starseeds but they are a minority.


16 Signs That You Could Be A Pleiadian Starseed:


1. You were born after 1968.

There are also those born before, between the ’40s and’ 60s, but the majority arrived after that year.


2. You feel that you are from other worlds.

This trait is obvious and easy to understand if you’ve always had the feeling of coming from the stars, that your home is not here, but “out there.”


3. You are an outsider.

You had the feeling of not belonging for your whole life. You have noticed that children and their relatives of other families have a sense of belonging that you do not have. It is difficult for you to adapt unless you meet other starseeds and then you feel immediately understood in a wonderful way.


4. You are spiritually oriented but you are against religion.

Even if you have tried many times to adapt to one of the many religious systems of the Earth, you just can not do it. You reject almost all beliefs and it is possible that you tend to build your own system. You also have some form of psychic abilities, such as telepathy or clairvoyance.


5. You are missing the awareness of time.

You are not very good at remembering things like birthdays and dates. You are often very early or late for appointments.


6. You are a technophile.

You love gadgets and electronic equipment, and you have a natural aptitude to understand how they work. You like them so much that you read the right manuals to have fun.


7. You are harmonious.

For you, the Earth is a violent, aggressive and pissed off place. You can be angry too but always try to make the world around you become harmonious and peaceful. You do not try to control others and you do not want others to control you. You can not stand cruelty and abuse on animals, children, women or others. If there was a war it is likely that you would choose not to fight.


8. You probably do not understand this thing about gender roles.

You see your partner as your peer and you expect the same thing. The history of the war of the sexes seems absurd. You may not even be heterosexual, and if you are, you do not care much about finding a label for who you are. You can also be very androgynous in appearance.


9. You love animals and nature. 

You experience great love and respect for nature in all its manifestations: Gaia, forests, mountains, the sea, animals, etc. You feel a deep and mystical connection with the dolphins and the whales, almost like your relatives.


10. You are not oriented to the monetary system.

This system of money = power and the company’s corporate structure is not really for you. This does not mean you can not find your way or even succeed in this system, but you will always feel a little uncomfortable when you do it. You do not like routine and overly structured environments. You’re unconventional, do not respect authority if they do not show you respect first.

You often dream of giving up everything and joining a common hippie or similar. However, you do not like the concept of money and would like to be valued for what you are and not for what you can buy. In addition, you have always detested the school because the Earth’s educational system uses conformist mechanisms and teaches with education rather than with experiential learning.


11. You are an escapist. 

You like to escape into creative fantasy and build whole ideal worlds in your head. You are also led to hallucinogenic experiences to intensify the experience. A negative aspect is when this trend becomes the main one: in reaction to the harsh and cruel world you could indulge in the use of drugs, alcohol and other means to overcome the pain you feel, and doing so you fail your work of improving the world.

You are also prone to depression if you do not have control over your life and your experiences. You are also inclined to a variety of psychoses and neuroses due to the spiritual fracture you perceive here in the unity of consciousness.


12. You are creative. 

You have a lot of creativity and you love the creative manifestations of others. Music, art, architecture, good food… everything. Creativity is profound in you.


13. Believe easily. 

You can easily believe in the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings. These things are not strange to you. Even the concept of “everything is one” sounds very familiar to you.


14. You have certain physical attributes.

While considering that humans are still an amalgam of all genetic types from a variety of different galactic races, you may have retained some specific physical attributes. Your genetics determines a field of possibilities and your spirit could push your physical body in directions quite different from genotype programming. For example, you could have some of these characteristics: almond eyes, sometimes larger than normal, blond hair, pale skin, blue or gray eyes, Roman nose, height, and thinness.


15. Photosensitive. 

Your eyes are highly sensitive to light. The Earth has a very raw light environment. You probably need less light than others.


16. You adapt well to cold climates.

You do not like to try too hot and sweat in damp places. You’re more comfortable in the cold.


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  1. Kim Brock

    I am pleadian starseed..found out through consciousness and I am ready. I’m stepping into my greatness. ??????

    1. Glenn

      Hi Kim. Could I possibly have a talk with u about what makes u feel u are a seed? I also feel that this may be who I am also and am very interested in sharing my thoughts and hearing yours please. Cool.??

  2. Clarissa

    Me to a tee for as far back as I can remember

  3. Sarah

    Wow do true lolz

    1. Glenn

      Hi Sarah. Would u mind if we could have a talk about how u feel u and being a Starseed mean to yourself,please? I think I also am a seed and have just found this out now. I hope to hear back from u Sarah. COOL!?

  4. Alice

    My name is Alice.
    Alice N Wonderland- remove the “c”

  5. Taygeta star

    Im a Pleidian incarnate born in 1974. This place is extremely barbaric, outdated, and primitive. Its hard being here. I dont see slavery ending here anytime soon.

    1. Eric

      I get you…

  6. Shannon

    I have known I was since I was about 3…

  7. Cj

    I have been searching for what starseed I am, was born 19 april 1968 at 7:23pm though, I relate very much to Pleiadians (part from last bit in your article adapt to cold…I hate cold and I hate really hot but can adapt to heat better than cold, cold makes me physically sick). I also relate to Vegans and Orions.

  8. Heather Briley

    Please let me know if this is what it means to be Pleiadian. I am Empathic, I am sensative, I have bouts of very deep depression due to a HUGE yearning to go Home. I don’t want to be here. I feel I left a family behind because I had no choice. I was born Sept. 21 1975. I HATE the hot!!! and I love the cold. I am completely enamoured with the full moon and I love all thing in nature, well except spiders and snakes. I feel as if EVERY Living thing has a voice and a mind. We truly are all connected some how. Someone please help me find a place where I belong.

    1. Eric

      I get you…
      I’m trying to go home to, not sure about the prospects for this place called earth, what a twisted mess. I can’t really say I am too enthusiastic about the people here. Seems to be a lost cause. It doesn’t look great for a smooth trip out, but I am trying as much as I can. Eating holistically, staying away from the poison the evil is foisting on us. Meditating, however, not in as much as I should. Doing a lot with music, and reading and learning voraciously. Thinking if I can get past this dimension, it should work out. How goes your journey? Please let me know, Im trying to find anyone that has a clue.

  9. Abbie

    I think I am a Pleadian, I fit almost perfectly, except for the physical description, cause I’m like…the complete opposite: I have dark hair, dark eyes, medium skin…and I’m fat…

    1. Lisa

      Hi Abbie!
      I’m just like you! But I hate the cold and heat. I like warm.

  10. Anna

    I related to almost all of these completely until the looks (I am small with tan skin, brown eyes, and brown hair) and the loving the cold. I hate the cold and even though I have lived in the Northeast my entire life I always dread winter and my body doesn’t adapt to it at all. Could there be something else I could be?

  11. Shania

    I have 11 of these signs, am i a Pleiadian?

  12. Florentina Birsan

    Hi i m Florentina RH negative all these c haracteristics a have it feeling i do not belong here and more thankyou bei gs of light thankyou God for confide in me…love you all

  13. Sekou Bush

    You had up until about the 14th attribute. And thats because race was thrown in it. In my understanding of cosmic families it’s not based off of race which this attribute clearly is. Vs being based off of energetic or spiritual attributes. Once again racial makeup as been thrown into something which does nothing but show separatism which is the makeup of a low vibration.

  14. avafanika

    thank you. this article already answer my question

  15. Tiffany Ray

    Wow. This brought tears to my eyes, this resonated with my soul and spirit. This is me all the way. I love the cold, I have blonde hair, blue gray eyes and pale skin, animals and children are always around me. I have every one of the 16 signs. I also have ADD/ADHD. 🙂

    1. Eric

      same here, im not blond hair, I dont have that artist blond creative type. Im brown hair, blue eyes, but am different. I always have been, so different, in every situation with every physical being. I am definitely out of sorts, but that is life so I was thinking, now not so much, things are changing.

  16. A

    Soo we all just gonna ignore the physical attributes? Because that sounds like a white man.

  17. Jim

    I’m here because I was told I am Pleiadian by a medium and later again by another person who also added I had in excess of 4600 previous lives. At the time (several years ago), I’d never heard of Pleadian. I’m still not 100% convinced. But I’ve done a lot of reading, a lot of soul searching, and a lot of feeling.

    When I encounter an article, such as this one, that is headlined by the image of a beautiful young woman I usually dismiss the article immediately. Similarly with those that tout certain physical attributes. I see these as evidence of those who struggle to contain their ego.

    If the Pleiadian mission truly is to elevate the spiritual awareness of those around us it would be self defeating to choose only 1 physical type from which to do that.

    As for me… I was born in 63, brown eyed, short, fat…. and I have no idea what a Roman nose is…

  18. heather

    i grew up near an electricity plant called the seven sisters, It had 7 smoke stacks, we talked about the star relations to the name as a small child, i feel that was an early sign.

  19. Eve

    Born 1963 I relate to many traits I’m sure the exceptions have served some 3D needs I am short side And not so techno savvy But everything else is spot on. I don’t believe we need to fit every trait when we are here to join this 3D drama which includes the Human conditions Being short means that I experienced a whole lot of Egoic judgement and that just happened too much for me to blend into a integration with others. Sounds irrelevant to be short when many happy ever after life experiences for others is being had But for some reason I was never enough. But I can see now I was never meant to live that kind of accepted integrated etc life path. I am an Empath and I need to see when others are just channeling Ego principles.. I

  20. Lasantha

    Wow. This was amazing. I just heard about pleidians from a friend long time before and just remind it to me now don’t no why. Some how when I search about pleidians and found this video and Documentation. I have 15 of this all signs. Only 4th habit I don’t have. I’m a Buddhist and I never against it. Ofcourse Buddhism is different from all other religions (Sri Lanka Buddhism). And many of religions against it. Also I can understand many things in Buddhism more than others but when much I try to explain them but they don’t understand it. It became a very big question to me Why others can’t understand same as me? Am I different from them? I think you can help me with this.

  21. Krystel

    I have just learned about this and many other things! This all describes me oh so well. I do not however, like or enjoy the cold. I flourish in heat and I enjoy sunlight as much as I do nature and scenery. I have always felt detached and different. Often confused. I’ve gone through so much but am proud of how much I’ve learned. I’ve always wondered if I have ties to the past. I have always received compliments of my eyes. I have somehow lost my gifts and capabilities. I need more answers please.

  22. laura

    I found out that I am a pleadian by checking my horoscope today.

  23. Vinita

    I just came across your article today. I have 14 out of 16 attributes. Unbelievable !! Whilst reading this I felt someone was distantly but accurately describing me. I am born in a Hindu family and married to a Christian but follow spiritual path of a mix of different practises and Shamanism.

  24. Kristy Arantes


  25. Dale Thomason

    That’s pretty amazing – I can relate to 90% if not all of them characteristics and at a time that I’ve woken up to the dark energy on earth .. Being awake was easy but learning that maybe I’m part of the bigger venture to push and guide mother earth through this amazing change is special.

    1. Eric

      the dark energy is insane. I woke up to it, and have learned so much, I never knew. I dont know how much your learning, but the rabbit hole is deep, once you go down it, you dont come back. For people like us, we have to go down, not knowing leads to such an empty existence. For whatever failure I associate with a regular existence, I now know the incredible realities that exist out in the world, and outside the world right now as we speak. Dimensionally, I am still trapped in the 3rd dimension, but have found myself waking up knowing the answer, and having it slide away from me as I tune into this reality. I am heading for it though. How goes your journey brother?

  26. Tiffany 777

    I think I just realized I am Pleiadian. I am telepathic. I have learned this through Gematria. Now to figure out what to do with information.

  27. Dave

    I was born tin 1952 I would have been the early ones, I have most of those traits ?

  28. Miranda

    Oww this is me to a tea.. every aspect. I had no idea. Im going to have to start researching deeply here ?

  29. Cody

    So in a since i Am that i am which i already knew and am aware what sadly i will not know i either way no matter how many faces i play person with. I know I am one because i believe and know that i will when where and how t be into existance at the time that is needed at that perspective of the illusions.

  30. Sigríður Björk Jónsdóttir

    All 16 above except I have dark hair. What does this mean?

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