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How to Identify the Person with Whom You Made a Pact Long Before You Were Born

What if, long, long before your birth, you knew and chose him forever? What if you chose him when the concept of “you” didn’t even exist? What if you choose your “forever and ever” long before you choose yourself?

But, oh! We all live in a world that makes us think that such a kind of love does not exist. This world makes us feel that love is in a material form and that there is nothing sublime or ecstatic.

Even modern relationships are full of cheating and lies and deception and, of course, all this gross cacophony of the modern world will also make you feel that love is too hard to find and that you will never get it.

Do not worry! You have already chosen the one you should be with. This life and all the irritating relationships you go through are just a test to see if you deserve the one you chose.

Don’t worry. You have already chosen the one that will make your nights beautiful and your days even more extravagant. You will feel that you do not have enough time to tell this person what you want and how you are feeling. You will always feel like you are running out of time.

Your soul will dance in his presence and your soul will certify it. Your body will appreciate his touch and will want to be even more touched by him. You will take great pleasure in all that he has to offer. Such love will nourish your life and satisfy your soul.

Such love will also tell you about your potential and the things you can easily achieve. He will know your worth and he will tell you how important and crucial you are to him and to the world around you. It will not only please the essence of your soul, but it will also fill your life with purpose and peace.



How will you identify him?

This is the simplest part. The happiness of your soul when he is around you will let you know that it is it. Your body will react differently around him. You will be shy and you will need his full attention.

You will understand, in his presence, what it means to be truly happy. You will be comfortable with him, not only physically but also spiritually. Physically, however, you might feel these butterflies in your stomach and an absolute desire to be noticed by him.




What will happen when he/she is away?

You will not know what to do with yourself. You will sit waiting for him as if there is nothing else to do but wait for him. You will not be at peace when he is not there and after a while, you will need him so that you can even smile. And you will not even realize that you will become addicted to him forever because it is related to him. It only happens once in his life.

This person you have chosen will do one more thing for you. He will add meaning to your life. You will constantly feel that you are special when you are around him and this will make you feel that you can achieve whatever you want to.

Once you start to feel that, you will develop your potential and try as much as possible to be the best person possible. And it will be wonderful because it will nourish your soul.

The person you have chosen will make you forget the feeling of loneliness. Yes, you have lived your fair share of lonely days and sad nights, but that person will make you feel that it never happened to you.

You will forget all the pain and sadness and you will only be filled with the love this person has for showering you. Such a person will add positivity to your life and make you change your look. You will start counting your blessings and he will be one of your blessings and he will make you so much happier as a person.

In addition, you will know what it means to be truly blessed. You’ll know you’ve gotten something that people usually don’t get, to the point that some people even envy you. But it won’t affect you. You will always want to fill your life with positivity and happiness.

You will feel so good about yourself. This person will make you feel that you have the best body and the best skin and the best like everything. You will feel so comfortable and good about yourself and this will also be reflected in your personality as it will add confidence to the way you communicate.

The more you are appreciated, the more confident you will be. No insecurity or triviality can affect your heart. You will only go in the right direction.

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What to do to get him/her?

Not much! Just refuse. That is true. Just refuse to settle for less than what you think you deserve. Don’t let insecurity and loneliness decide the right person for you. Believe that the love of your life will come at any time.

  • Don’t settle for someone just for physical needs.
  • Wait for the person who sets your soul on fire.
  • Patiently wait for the kind of love that will completely change your life.
  • Wait for the love that will make you feel better.
  • Wait for the love that will make you feel infinite.
  • Wait for the love that will feel like a blessing from God.
  • Wait for the love you always thought you would get.
  • Wait for the love you have already chosen. Be patient!



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  1. Lindsay O'Connor

    But what if the two of you are female in this life and neither of you are gay?

  2. Mary Green

    That seems extremely unhealthy to not even be able to smile without that person, that is a lot of a pressure to put on an individual, I think I understand the concept the article is trying express but maybe word it different

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