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Are You a Starseed? These 22 Signs can Help You Find Out

Do you sometimes feel like coming straight from another planet?

It might seem like a distant concept, but Starseeds are actually souls from different stars, planets, solar systems or even galaxies. These people are very advanced souls who have been sent to Earth to help create new knowledge and bring wisdom to sensitize the planet.

Since these people come from a different star system, they have a very different aura or vibration that allows them to access certain information that does not come from this world. This information usually contains clues about how to move the planet forward and create new technologies.

Starseeds know that Earth is not their real home, and sometimes it can create the feeling of being out of place or isolated. They also often report recurring dreams of extraterrestrial abductions, encounters with extraterrestrials or being landed in a kind of spaceship.

Many of the social and political rules of society may also seem pointless or irrational for Starseeds, and often they will forge their own path or find a new way of doing something. They are also extremely intuitive, psychic and empathic. They are very sensitive to the world around them and may also be interested in traveling in time, space and extraterrestrial life.

They often have big eyes, a long neck, and an angelic face.


If you think you could be a Starseed, here are 22 signs to look for:


1. Animals and children can trust you instantly or you can intrigue them.

2. You can not stay long in the middle of a large crowd.

3. You are certain that the Earth is not your home of origin.

4. You feel that the rules of society are against your beliefs.

5. You have a remembrance of your purpose and mission here on Earth, as you see from time to time.

6. You may remember having been on another planet or galaxy and what it looked like.

7. You are an old soul and even when you were a child you were mature for your age.

8. Life on Earth sometimes seems boring or disappointing, especially when you are reminded of where you are from.

9. You seem to find solutions to problems much faster than those around you. Earthly complaints seem simple to you.

10. You are naturally talented in the fields of technology, physics, engineering, space travel, and metaphysics.

11. You are very sensitive to your surroundings.

12. You are extremely intelligent but do not care about conventional universities.

13. You constantly feel anxious to awaken or reconnect with your goal.

14. You have trouble integrating into society.

15. You have recurring dreams about aliens or spaceships.

16. You are very psychic or intuitive.

17. You often see UFOs or have a strong affinity for space, time travel and the spiritual world.

18. You are very technologically advanced and have another way to solve problems.

19. You are empathetic and can absorb what others feel.

20. People around you may also feel that you are different or are suspicious of you.

21. You may suffer from social anxiety and have difficulty having trivial conversations.

22. You can have a body that works differently than others.


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