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How the New Moon in Scorpio November 14, Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

With the dread of the Full Blue Halloween Moon, Mercury’s final retrograde period of the year, and the chaotic astrology of Election Day behind us, we are probably all looking forward to a chance for a fresh start. Step into the November 2020 New Moon, which peaks late at night on November 14th (or in the wee hours of November 15th, if you’re on Eastern Time).

Because this lunation occurs the day after the end of the retrograde period of Mars, the energy of the new beginnings of this lunation is strong, and knowing how the New Moon of November 2020 will affect your zodiac sign can help you make the most of it.

The November New Moon is the lunar dark point of the 2020 Scorpio season, during which the Sun and Moon will align in this emotionally intense water sign. The energy of the Scorpio New Moon is all about facing our shadow sides.

If we’re willing, to be honest with ourselves about all of our taboo desires fears below the surface, and our most vulnerable feelings, then we can use our New Moon intentions to clear some of the skeletons out of our closets once for all.

Fortunately, there are positive planetary aspects that will make this process easier. The Moon links up to both Jupiter and Pluto, which will connect us to our inner wisdom and give us more emotional access to our shadow sides. Step into your cosmic power and find out how the November 2020 New Moon will affect you, according to Astrology.




AriesThis New Moon is more than a dark night in the sky this month, Aries, it feels like a dark night in your soul.

While it is not easy to calmly focus on the inside and recognize the intimate and vulnerable details of your relationships and desires, embracing it is the best way for you to grow. Your dark side also needs to be nourished.





TaurusYou have the opportunity to embrace a new, more intimate beginning within your closest individual partnerships, Taurus, and a chance to make those relationships more authentic than ever before.

You reject surface-level chatter in favor of deep, honest communication, and trade flirtations for real feelings. Allow yourself to be vulnerable instead of putting up defenses.





GeminiIt has been a long and difficult year, Gemini, and this New Moon is a good chance for you to start incorporating moments of spirituality into your daily routine.

Being aware of your needs can be a challenge, as we don’t always want to change our lives to meet them but being true to your soul is a must. Try committing to doing Moon spells, morning rituals, or even a nighttime meditation practice.





CancerThis lunation could mark a rich new start for you in the romance or creativity departments, Cancer, so enjoy the new flow of energy.

Whether it’s a crush’s SMS that made your heart flutter or an artistic passion project that has inspired you in your spare time, now is the perfect time to commit to moving forward on whatever brings you genuine joy and excitement.

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LeoHow many secrets from your past have you bottled up inside, Leo? Suppressing the pain of old wounds is a coping mechanism we’ve all used, but this New Moon inspires you to introspect and release some of the baggage that weighs you down.

Whether it is an unresolved childhood trauma or a sting of grief, know that you have the strength to face these wounds head-on.





VirgoYou’ll feel like all of your actions, conversations, and interactions over the New Moon weekend will take on the intensity of raw, emotional honesty, Virgo.

While you are generally a follower of logical thinking only, the New Moon weekend will behoove you to come to terms with all of the lunar feelings that are surfacing now. Your vulnerability can also inspire others to be more authentic with themselves.





LibraNow is the time to pay off your debt and start understanding your financial situation. Use the New Moon as an opportunity to clear a new slate and reassess your relationship with money.

Let go of all shame around your current standing and take the chance to start over.





ScorpioYou are reinventing yourself now, Scorpio. This New Moon allows you to look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself exactly for who you are, and this clarity will also improve your vision of who you want to become.

This lunation may be shaded, but your power is not.

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SagittariusIt’s an introspective month for you Sagittarius, and this New Moon weekend marks the peak of your retreat into the deepest parts of your soul.

Prioritize rest and relaxation, because the personal work you do right now does not involve making complicated to-do lists. Instead, try to look for clues in your dreams. Your best ideas will come while you are alone.





CapricornHow can you use your vulnerability to help others and how can others help you come to terms with your deepest emotions? Now is not the time to run away from the power of the collective, Capricorn.

Instead, wear your heart on your sleeve and openly lean on the people around you, even if you’re usually more of the DIY type. Contact those you trust to work on your feelings.





AquariusYour most private emotions and feelings of vulnerability could be the source of your greatest power, Aquarius, even when it comes to your career.

You are deeply committed to making a mark on the world through your work and rising up the professional ranks now, and this New Moon offers you a chance to call on your inner core of feelings for inspiration. Mix your head with your heart to begin forging a path of your own.





PiscesThe Moon being in another water sign will inspire you to feel your feelings on a deep level now, Pisces but it will also inspire you to look for ways to connect with the world.

Often times, we think of emotions as personal, but they can actually be a way of connecting with the most foreign and distant places, people, and concepts. Don’t limit yourself to just one way of thinking. This is the opportunity to manifest a new vision.

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