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9 Signs You are More Awake than You Think

Each of us progresses individually on his spiritual path, although we are not all aware of it. Sometimes you doubt yourself, and we all happen to go through it.

Yet, despite these moments of doubt, know that you are in the process of transformation. So stop ignoring some things because you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Here are 9 signs that you are more awake than you think:


1. Your horizons are widening.

Once upon a time, you were part of the crowd. You listened to the gossips and you read the people magazines, you didn’t miss any episode of trashy reality TV or even the sensational stories. But lately, none of this seems attractive and you wonder if it ever really was.

You get to see through the masquerade of people, of society; your eyes are opening.

After all this time with the feeling of a separate self, you can now feel connected to collective thinking. You have developed a liberal tendency and an intense desire to change the world, or at least to try harder to not be one of those who are harming it.



2. You have stopped wanting to label things at all costs.

In spite of sometimes asking you if you have inherited any power, you have had some strange experiences in your life and synchronicity seems to follow you everywhere.

Your mind constantly comes to see beyond the masks and you are convinced that you have already had some altercations with “enlightenment”.

But you do not feel the need to determine exactly what all of this means, all this duality is a lot of hard work, and even if you wanted to describe everything that was going on in your mind, it would be like trying to explain the purple color to a blind man, mission impossible.

Recognizing that all enlightened experiences are totally subjective is key, and the more you stop trying to categorize them, the more they come to you.

No expectations. No judgments. No attachments.



3. You notice “always everything”.

Your new state of consciousness means that no detail escapes you: the mood of people, their motivations, their causes, the changes in the air.

You are like a mix between Derren Brown and Sherlock Holmes.

“Nothing” escapes your increased vision of details. If someone has hidden intentions, you hear him in his voice, if he lies to you, your instinct shouts the truth to you.

People find it off-putting that you get to see so much in them, so you’ve learned to keep that for yourself, which means you often end up withdrawing while everyone subtly insults on behalf of the ego.

Which brings us to the next point …



4. You do not belong to a particular group.

Going to a normal everyday office job is heartbreaking for you, and it’s not just the work that’s involved, it’s that you’re just not like everyone else.

You have trouble with unnecessary chatter and dread the seasonal office parties. You prefer to be at home with a good book instead of drowning your sorrows in a glass of alcohol.

This is not the fault of your colleagues, because they are certainly exceptional people, it’s just that you are not on the same page.



5. You prefer to spend your time in the company of trees.

Just like your ancestors, the woods seem to call you. If you have the choice between spending a day outdoors or shopping with your peers, you know that you will always opt for trees rather than small pleasures.

It’s not that you do not like shopping, wine, and gossip, but you also need something deeper, time to find yourself alone.

And finding yourself alone soothes you, in fact, you need to spend time alone to rejuvenate yourself. You’re not strange, it’s just that nature always manages to cheer you up rather than hanging out with people just to kill time.



6. You lose friends.

Let’s be realistic, you have changed. You spent enough time looking at your life with a magnifying glass, now you know who you are, and it’s a very different person than you used to be.

Your friends will be the first to notice this change, and they may not understand it.

Perhaps you have moved away or faced confrontation, but like a snake, you move on, letting your identity pass behind you and turning you into a better version of yourself.

And now the best – basically, you’re looking for new friends, or not at all.



7. You are confused.

All this internal change has come to you, and now you feel stuck.

It is as if you have evolved mentally but your physical life has remained the same, filled with endless struggles, troubles, and frustrations.

Well, in fact, that’s great news!

The “dark night of the soul” is a term coined by the sixteenth-century Roman Catholic mystic Saint John of the Cross to describe the feeling of drowning that many people experience after significant spiritual work, and although it may be unpleasant is certainly an evolution.

You have painfully marched past and cared for old wounds, you become more and more free, but your ego in decline does not rejoice in this and it fights to try to sabotage you.

Let the suffering express itself, embrace it, accept it, overcome it. Know that it’s just an illusion.



8. You have a particular sense of humor.

Have you ever watched an interview with the Dalai Lama? He and his other Buddhist buddies often make jokes, probably because they face fewer struggles and their internal dialogue is appeased. When your mind does not create dramas, you can let go of yourself enough to laugh.

So, if you go through a dark phase, laughing from the bottom of your heart can only do you good.



9. Nobody will pull you down.

You are an eternal being with endless glory, and you know it, so it’s almost impossible for you to stop in your quest through life.

It can be as if you were stubborn or stuck, but now you know that it is essential to be true to yourself.

However this comes with a huge amount of responsibility, you have the key to your life, you control your thoughts.

For this reason, you try to avoid people who have bad waves and who are constantly trying to transform your energy. You do not need to explain anything to anyone, and people seem to feel that no matter what they do, you will be steadfast.

So continue your good work dear awakened friend, and remember that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.


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