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3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Success in Astral Travel

Whether or not astral travel is accepted by science and society, many people claim to have had this out-of-body type of experience. It is said to allow your consciousness to travel anywhere in the terrestrial and astral realms.

Depending on the people who practice astral travel, you can be in any place you want or in completely higher planes and fields. Those who have experienced it say that it can also happen while they sleep. Some may even call it lucid dreaming where they feel like they are flying.

Dreams can seem incredibly real and are so vivid that they can be remembered in great detail.



People struggle when it comes to astral travel:

When you are awake you are in full control of your body and telling it where to go and what to do. When we sleep, our body completely relaxes and our brain activity begins to slow down.

Some people seem to find it easier to achieve astral travel success while others need to learn it through the persistent practice of techniques that help them separate their consciousness from their body while they sleep. Beginners don’t always succeed the first few times.

Some might even find it a difficult and time-consuming process, but there are ways that might help you achieve astral travel in a shorter period of time. All you have to do is prepare your body for it. Those who want to know what it would be like to travel to the Astral Realm will need to make changes in their daily routine.

Here are some techniques and changes in lifestyle you should know about if you want to be successful in astral travel:



1. Watch your diet:

It is said that most of the foods we eat, especially meat and those high in sugar, have low vibrational frequencies. It greatly affects your ability to connect to the higher planes of existence.

Vegetables, especially green leafy ones, as well as fruits belong to the high vibration food category. Astral travelers claim that they can increase your chances of having a successful out-of-body experience.

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2. Practice deep breathing exercises:

Like food, air is an important aspect of life. It can greatly affect the vibrational frequency of your body. When you take a deep breath, you bring qi (or life energy, according to traditional Chinese culture) into your lungs. Your qi has a very high vibrational frequency.

If you want successful astral travel, try holding your breath in your lungs for a few seconds. This will allow your qi to enter your bloodstream and charge your other organs. Since your qi has a very high vibrational frequency, these energies will be dispersed throughout your body and you will feel as if you have become lighter. By this time, your body is already increasing its vibrations.

Practice taking these deep breaths twice a day, every day, for a week. Hold your breath in your lungs for more than five seconds. Your body will increase its vibrational frequency, even more, when you hold your breath for longer, but don’t hold it too long to the point that you start to feel uncomfortable. You can do this early in the morning and at night before sleeping.




3. Drink a lot of water and practice the Glass of water technique:

The water flushes out wastes and poisons which contain low vibrations and these, in turn, alter the energy levels of the body. When water cleanses your body, it helps it maintain healthy natural energy.

The “Glass of water” technique is practiced at least once every two days. You can do this by preparing a glass of water. Then find a quiet spot and bring the glass with you. Place your hands comfortably around the glass and make sure you can feel the touch of the glass’s surface.

According to mystics and healers, your right hand has positive charges while your left has negative charges. Let your Chi flow through the water to magnetize it and transfer positive charges to the water.

You can make all of these adjustments to your routine for a week, then start with the other steps in preparing your body for astral travel. These tips are said to help you if you are looking to be successful in astral travel.

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