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Discover Your Chakra Type and Start Achieving Energetic Balance

We live between two worlds. The outer world from where you recharge and exercise your energy and the inner world from where you find the connection and direction of energy. You must have a balance between these two worlds to balance your energies.

True balance means having a roof over your head, food to eat, clothes to keep you warm, a place to call home, a deep connection with yourself, good relationships, and a strong connection with the Source and the world. You need both.

True balance is difficult to achieve when your chakras or energy centers are not in balance. If some of your chakras are overactive and some are underactive, you will be living in a reality created primarily by overactive chakras and you will be out of balance.

The truth is, your energy is only specific to you. So, the first thing to do is find out what type of dominant chakra you have. When you identify with your dominant chakra type, you will know what you need to work on. When you achieve true energy balance, you will unlock your true energy potential, so read on to discover your chakra type and start working on it!



1. The Upper Chakra dominant type:

If you are the upper chakra dominant type, then you have no problems connecting with your spiritual and higher self. You might have a satisfying relationship and you are probably in the best of your health, but staying grounded is your problem.

This means that you have a hard time providing for your physical needs. Your upper chakras are bursting with energy but your lower chakras barely do. Working with your lower chakras is the first step in balancing your energies and achieving true abundance.

You need to meet your basic physical needs, connect with yourself and other people on a deeper emotional level, and take more action to get to know yourself better.

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2. The Lower Chakra dominant type:

Discover Your Chakra Type and Start Achieving Energetic BalanceThe lower chakra dominant types are the wealthy people who have all the luxuries in life but are miserable, unhappy, and not at peace. The energies in their lower chakras are so high but they get stuck in the middle so there is an imbalance. Physically and materially they are very rich, but spiritually in poverty.

And in order for them to reach their true potential, they must attain spirituality. What you need is to work on your upper chakras to achieve balance and unleash your true energy potential. You need to express yourself, listen to your intuition, and open your mind.




3. The Split type:

You are a split type if you can come and go from having high energy levels in the upper chakras to high energy levels in the lower chakras. The problem is having a weak middle, the part that maintains the flow and balance.

You gravitate and come out often between opposites. What you need to work on is your middle chakras, heart, throat, or solar plexus. You need to open your heart, express yourself better, and know yourself better.

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Your chakras reach their full potential when they work together:

Whatever chakras are dominant within you, you should know that they all work best when working together. Nourish your balanced chakras and work on those you neglect as their inactivity blocks your way to achieve energy balance.

You should also take note that you can be a mixture of all three types. Knowing yourself better is the key to knowing the energies that you lack. When you are balanced, you are empowered from within.

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