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Follow These 10 Steps to Start Programming Your Dreams

In our dreams, we come across the subconscious, which can say a lot about our lives and help resolve difficult situations. Using lucid dreaming, that is, to program yourself for a specific dream, you can get answers to questions that remain open in real life and reveal certain secrets of your personality.

Here is a 10-step guide to dreaming about what you want to dream:



1. A few hours before bed, try to relax and not overload yourself with unnecessary emotions and experiences.

Such experiences can include a dense meal and/or physical exercise.




2. Decide what you want to dream about.

It should not be a detailed description of the plot since dreams are built on their own internal logic.

Specify the type of intellectual or creative problem you want to solve, or maybe you want to visit a foreign country, go on an adventure, or see your relative who lives far away. In any case, the task should reflect a real situation that bothers you.




3. After specifying the goal you want to accomplish using your dreams, write it down on a piece of paper.

Writing it down helps you more than you think. When we write things down we tend to remember them more than when we don’t.

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4. Now you need to prepare to remember your dream.

To do this, place a cushion and a pen next to your bed to write down as much detail as possible right after waking up.




5. Schedule yourself to wake up as soon as you dream of what you want to dream.

Follow These 10 Steps to Start Programming Your DreamsThe fact is that in one night we can have several dreams, but we only manage to remember the last one. So you have to wake up as soon as the desired dream ends.




6. Learn to enter the altered states of consciousness that accompany us before and after sleep.

Do not fall asleep immediately, as soon as your head touches the pillow, and do not jump out of bed immediately after waking up. A state between dream and reality is a kind of window to the worlds where we can obtain important information.





7. While falling asleep, when you are in such an altered state of consciousness, visualize the smallest details of the picture you want to dream of.

Engage your imagination and fantasy.

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8. When you wake up, do not rush to reality.

Rather, try to cling to the remains of images that have not yet completely evaporated from your mind.




9. When sleep leaves you completely and you are completely awake, write down everything you remember and everything that comes to mind, without getting out of bed.

You need to be in the same environment all the time, otherwise, you risk forgetting what you dreamt about.





10. If you had a deliberate approach to dream programming, then you will come across what you wanted to see in the description of your dream.

By training in this way every day, you will get great results, then your dreams will become your faithful helpers and allies in the real world.

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