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3 Signs You’ve Met Someone From A Past Life

There are many people who believe they have lived a previous life, have already walked on this earth and under this sky.

To believe in this means, in the same way, to believe that others like us have already lived one or more earthly existences. It is, therefore, possible to meet again, to recognize each other, even if often in a confused way.

Do you ever meet someone for the first time and have a strong feeling of knowing him for a long time? To feel perfectly at ease with a stranger, as if it were your best friend?

To find yourself telling all about you and feeling absolutely understood, as if that person has always known you and already knew all about you?

Well, the answer to these questions can only be one: we have already met them in a previous life.

Is it possible to confirm it? It seems so, in the opinion of many and to help us to establish it, there are 3 signs to pay particular attention to.



1- We feel an immediate connection or refusal

1- We feel an immediate connection or refusal

When we think of the people of our past lives, we often think of friends or relatives, or even the people we love.

Often, as mentioned, when we meet someone we have known before, we perceive a strong familiar sensation.

And when we meet someone to whom we instinctively feel dislike, repulsion, fear… we can justify these immediate reactions in the same way: we have already met him in our previous life.



2- The connection is almost telepathic

2- The connection is almost telepathic

It happens when we think of a person and shortly after we see it appear. Or someone we have not seen for a while and suddenly reappears in our lives.

It also happens when with a friend or an acquaintance we find ourselves thinking the same thing at the same time or when we already know what he is going to tell us.

When we send a message at the same time when we can read so well in one look. But some looks will be discussed in the next point.



3- We see it in their eyes

3- We see it in their eyes

Have you ever looked someone in the eye and felt like hypnotized? Or feel familiar? To read behind it a story that the voice does not tell, but which you do not need because you can almost see it. You have probably looked at those eyes millions of times in your previous life.

Whether or not one believes in one or more previous lives, it is true that the feelings of Déjà Vu we have all experienced them.

Many scientists and psychologists believe that behind them there is a neurological explanation, but others are convinced that they are testimonies of previous lives.

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