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These 6 Signs Indicate that your Soul has Reincarnated Many Times Here on Earth

Have you ever had a strange feeling as if you had already lived in a moment? This may mean that your soul has reincarnated several times!

Find out below the 6 signs that will make you understand:


You have recurring dreams:

Dreams are an unconscious reaction that generates our mind. Dreams are revealing so they can show images of past lives.

Many people claim to have lived certain events, to have seen certain people or to have visited certain places no one else knows about, but in a certain way, they feel a special bond with them.



Some memories come spontaneously:

There are several cases of children who have mentioned the memory of objects or people who have nothing to do with their environment and who have proved to be real or accurate.

These memories may be the result of our great imagination, but when they are checked and proved to be real they may affirm the connection that exists between your past life and your new life.



Your intuition is always strong:

Intuition is the ability of the mind to balance the conscious and the unconscious to help you discover a situation, but there are times when it overwhelms you with a greater force, which leads you to have a vision of what will happen.



You have a constant Déjà vu:

Perhaps you had the strange feeling of having lived or past some event or moment in the past in your life. Well, they are often known as Déjà vu. This feeling is caused by smells, images, flavors or sounds.

Some say it is an act caused by a neurological dissonance and others say it is a reaction of other dimensions that we are able to achieve. Thus, it is believed that the Déjà vu reveal fragments of our past lives.



You are a big fan of history and cultures of the past:

If you find it interesting the information about ancient cultures or specific time periods, it’s probably because you keep “waste” from your past life. For example, if you are interested in ancient Egypt, it is because you had the privilege of living in that period, even if things did not go well in the end.

Perhaps now you have a great impulse to discover everything related to that culture, and perhaps even to discover the mysteries of your
past life.



You have the great feeling of not belonging to this world:

It’s a nuisance that surrounds you since you remember, which is why you’re constantly craving your real home. This feeling can be provoked because you are called from a place where souls meet when they have fulfilled their mission on earth.

That’s why you feel the basic need to come home.

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